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Hey guys, I'm back again. After a plethora of half-finished fan-fictions I've regained my inspiration, and since I passed the thirty-day post rule, I hope to have some people reading this new story.

It's based on a concept by me. I was wondering why Pokemon are conceived as such complex and heavily researched species, yet the trainer schools don't have much to them. So this focuses on a special Pokemon school, kinda like the Hogwarts of Pokemon.

I am nearly always looking for people to use as characters, and because I suck at making names I usually take PC members and involve them in the story. So, if you would like to be enrolled in the Pokemon Academy, just fill out this form and post in this thread:

Username (on PC):
Name (to be used in story):
Pokemon (first stage, found wild):

Character Sign-Ups:

*Please Note: by sign-up, I do not mean you make the story, I mean I just use your name and include you in the sub-title (I can also VM you the updates, if you please).

Pokemon Academy: Chapter One

Starring Impo, ~Ryukaa

Rotom Fainted!

N-No! This-This can't happen! I can't lose! Not now! Not here! It's all.. all their fault! I will get my revenge! I don't care what happens! I will get my revenge.

Galactic Scientist Charon fled!


Impo took a deep breath as he walked onto the train's platform, heaving his luggage in one hand. Waving goodbye to his parents, he prepared to embark on a journey that would be the starting point for everything he hoped for. Impo had just boarded the train that would lead him to the most prestigious school of Pokemon that had ever surfaced.

Impo was male, and had just turned twelve. He was smart for his age, and was often labeled as a nerd. He didn't mind this though, as he took at as a compliment. Short, dark brown hair laid messily upon his head and he did not take much pride in his appearance. Despite all his drawbacks, he is still proud of himself, and very confident in most areas, despite worrying most of the time.

Impo had managed to get enrolled in the Pokemon Academy, whose bland name veiled its distinctiveness beneath. The Pokemon Academy was founded by six of the most renown Pokemon Professors that ever walked the earth. They had all gathered with their research in order to create a school where each student was able to achieve a quality education regarding Pokemon, and other essentials. Impo was sure his time in the Academy would serve him well.

Impo walked into an empty carriage, one of the many designated for students also attending the Academy. He placed his placed his luggage under the seat and patiently waited for the train to begin its journey, dwelling over his thoughts of what to expect at the academy.

"Attention all passengers. The train will now begin its journey. May all passengers return to their seats until further notice. Thank you."

The speaker node ended just as a student entered Impo's carriage. He was about to say something, but the train started to move and he tripped, falling on the floor next to his luggage. Impo jumped up to help him, trying not to laugh. Once the guy regained his stance, he began to talk again.

"Umm... heheh. Can I sit in this carriage? The other ones are either full or taken by weird kids."

"Oh, sure," Impo happily replied. He didn't mind sharing a carriage, and since the train had taken off, there shouldn't be too long until the end of the journey. He was beginning to feel anxious about what awaited him at the Academy.

"Sooooo," the boy said, "I'm Ryukaa, but you can call me Ryu. What's your name?"

"I'm Impo," said Impo, shaking Ryukaa's hand. The boy was roughly the same height and age as Impo. They looked pretty similar, the only difference being Ryukaa's blond hair. He seemed friendly, and Impo made a mental note to stick with Ryukaa when they arrived at the Academy. So far, he was the only person Impo knew on the train.

"Is this your first year at the Academy too?" Ryukaa asked, trying to start a friendly conversation.

"Yeah, I have absolutely no idea what the school's like. Do you know?"

"Well, maybe. I have a brother who graduated last year, he says we have to do some tests before they allow us in."

"Wait? What!" Impo began to worry. This was the first he had heard of tests. He didn't even have his own Pokemon yet - he wasn't ready to be tested.

"Tests!? What tests!? I don't even have a Pokemon! I'm going to fail before I even reach the gate." Impo sighed and buried his face in his hands. Impo's wailing shocked Ryukaa, and he calmly tried to cheer Impo up.

"Dude, relax! I think he was trying to scare me. He said something about wrestling a Dragonite, so I'm pretty sure he was lying."

"Oh thank God," Impo said, relieved. He began to take some deep breaths and calmed himself down. The two began to talk about anything. Anything and everything. From what will be in the Academy to what they will learn, and some other nautical nonsense. The two talked for a while, and created a friendship while doing so. They stopped talking when the train came to a steady stop, and the speaker node produce static.

"Attention all passengers. The train has now reached the Pokemon Academy. Can all students gather their luggage and proceed to exit the train through the front exit. Thank you."

"Well, let's go," Ryukaa said. The two carried their luggage to the front exit of the train, and stepped onto the Pokemon Academy threshold.


That's chapter one!
Please, please, please comment and critique. One of the main reasons I stop writing is because lack of feedback. So, yeah...
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