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    Originally Posted by NikNaks View Post
    I'm finding it very difficult to find answers to my questions in such a long post. o.o From what I can tell, though, you haven't really answered most of my points. Nothing on the new types or the gym system question. You also seem to have missed my point about the image; it'd be clearer as just text. And I did say I thought your mock-ups were decent, but the grass didn't seem to fit as well as the rest of it. There we are. The storyline hasn't answered any of my questions, I'm afraid. :/ Although, why is this "secretive, cult-like" organisation described as a bunch of thugs?

    Maybe you misread my post, or read it in a hurry, but there are lots of things I'm curious about.
    Sorry I'll answer those real quick. The pallet part was to Abnegation (who isn't my biggest fan :/)
    New Types: Well I like the idea of having new types. I wouldn't be editing the battle system so much as just adding a little bit more to the text documents of RMXP (I can't for the life of me remember what it's called and I don't have it on this computer) in the areas of weaknesses and advantages and adding new spaces for the four types. It wouldn't be that hard. Move wise, it's just simply adding a few new moves for those specific types. Again, not hard.

    Gym System: I guess it does add a bunch of battles to the game, but it also adds a little bit of a challenge. I'm not sure if it's going to be two separate battles yet or just a double battle. You have to battle each of the leaders in a gym to receive that one badge. So the first gym for instance is rock and ground. You have to battle both leaders and them you receive the badge put together.

    Thugs: They're described as "thugs" because at the beginning of the game you know nothing about them. They've been secretly planning for a while and now they've kinda sprung up over the last year or so. They go around causing mischief and stealing people's pokemon at first before the attack on Windleaf.

    Text/Image: Maybe separating them would have been better, I agree.

    Sorry for not answering your questions
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