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    N is the most sympathetic, successful, detailed antagonist in main-continuity Pokemon games thus far, and his motive is both justified and easier to accept than any other villain in the series.

    Sympathetic in that he genuinely wants to do good for Pokemon, the creatures the games are centered around. Not only did he manage to obtain the Pokemon he was after, it actually likes him. It chose him. In order, Giovanni ran away/possibly died, Maxie and Archie just gave up and disappeared, and last we heard Cyrus was still trapped all alone in an alternate dimension, probably subsisting on the flesh of his fainted Pokemon. N makes friends with the protagonist, keeps his legendary and flies off to another inhabited region of the world to sort out his ideals. There's actual backstory to him, not just "oh that guy was a social recluse and now he's evil." He has mannerisms that aren't listed under villainy, he likes math, he has a dad! There's plenty of reasons to like him.
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