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    Originally Posted by naruck23 View Post
    Looks cool, you need workers, because i want to help someone making a successful hack.
    Thanks. I don't use a team because 1.) it slows me down, 2.) I'm capable of doing almost anything associated with hacking on my own. I also prefer to have complete creative control over my project.
    Originally Posted by ChillinInYoCloset View Post
    Congrats on HotM. Your hack is definitely one of the best on Progressing Hacks.
    Thanks. Such a huge compliment.
    Originally Posted by zein View Post
    Really nice hack, love how you map and the sprites dude, its a really good one, try to finish him. Also you forgot me on the credits =/ that's not nice.
    Thanks. Also fixed. I really didn't even know. Minor misunderstanding.

    To Do:
    Currently In Progress; Done
    • Edit movesets [First 150 Pokemon are done]
    • Insert Trainer Sprites
    • Restore OW's
    • Restore World Map
    • Insert remaining ASM Routines
    • Restore Maps
    • Rescript up to Emerald Town

    *When every thing on this list is done I will release a proper beta*
    The return of Pokemon Shattered Dreams! Click the screenshot to visit the thread, you know you want to.