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    Originally Posted by fliyer View Post
    this game looks awsome and all but i keep getting a game killing glich :\ everytime i battle an error message eventualy pops up and it shuts the game down >.<
    heres the most recent glich

    I know; because I haven't figured a way to correct it - among other issues with Essentials - I'm going to switch over to CNG's kit.

    Originally Posted by ThisOrTheApocalypse View Post
    First thing I will say is Thank you so much for cutting HM's. I'm sure many will be greatful. Haha, I love the idea of the story not being based around Gym badges, and I like the new Coliseum idea. Overall looks great! I'll be checking back on progress without a doubt.
    Eheh, glad those things are getting a good reception; they're some of the highlights I wanted for the game.

    Originally Posted by KaiVii View Post
    Wow this look pretty awesome, I love the fakemon and story like, and the lack of HM's The maps are pretty good too, although I'm not blown away I will deffinatly being downloading your recent release to try out. Good work so far!

    Originally Posted by Almondeyes View Post
    Hi Don, I finally got an account on here! xD

    The project's looking great as ever, I can't wait for the next demo. Any ideas as of when it's coming out? The most recent one still seems to hate me :T
    Cynder! x3

    Yeah, not sure, unfortunately; I'm waiting for some updates on CNG's kit before porting the game - hopefully, it will be fully functional afterwards.
    At any rate, I suggest trying the second-to-last release meanwhile, since the only difference between them is graphic-wise.