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I own the following gaming systems:
  • PS3 - I use it the most.
  • PS2 - I have a PS3 so I don't use it, and I use an emulator to play PS2 games anyways.
  • XBOX 360 - I rarely use it.
  • Wii - I almost never use it.
  • 3DS - I sometimes use it
  • DSi - I never use it because I use my 3DS.
  • (2) DS Lites - One is a custom skinned cobalt blue and another one is a limited edition diamond/pearl DS that has not yet been opened.
  • Gamecube - I never use it because I have my Wii.
  • Game Boy Advance - I don't use it because I have a DS lite.
  • Nintendo 64 - I would play it a lot but I can't due to my missing power cord. ._.

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