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so i'm guessing i just put my SU here? d:

i'll get to writing then:

Name: Kerin Knight
Gender: Male
Age: 18 and a half
Species: Vampire

Appearance: Kerin's hair is short and black, with his dark fringe/bangs covering only slightly over his dark, blue eyes in a kind of v shape in the centre of his face, the rest of his hair windblown to the left. He's kind of pale, he's kind of tall (about 174cm) and just a little bit muscley but not enough for him to not look skinny. Due to his vampirism, his canines are a little sharper than the average human being but he was already pale before he turned. He has a number of scars adorned on his body, mostly on his knuckles, face and arms. Other than the fact he is a vampire, he actually looks quite human. He tries to keep it that way.

He doesn't dress that fancy, either wearing a t-shirt and jeans or a kind of japanese styled male uniform on other occasions when he's feeling good. His shoes however are always the same; black converse. He doesn't wear much jewelery except a thick, black, leather, buckled bracelet, similar to a biker cuff, to hide his bite mark. He never likes to show that he is a vampire.

Personality: Kerin has never been good at keeping his cool. He tries his hardest, he really does, but it doesn't take much for the guy to take a step forward and punch you in the face. He doesn't mind a few mindless jabs at his own personality or perhaps his clothing, but as soon as you even breathe a word about somebody else, consider yourself a painful, bloody lump. He acts as some kind of vigilante but he doesn't know why; he often regrets fighting after its all said and done. Despite this, he doesn't even hesitate to jump into a fight and usually ends up on top in most cases (three to one is usually his limit). A bloody nose, grazed knuckles or bruises are not considered unusual to him. Infact, lack of any sort of injury surprises him. That was before though. Before he was turned.

Kerin wasn't always a vampire. Infact, he was turned recently. About 3 years ago. Although since he moved to the vampire district though, Kerin has kept to himself. Vampires are a lot stronger than humans were and even though Kerin's strength was amplified when he was turned, he doesn't want to think what would happen if a vampire punched him. He does what he's told, doesn't ask questions and stays out of the way. At the moment though, he has a lot of stress built up and it won't take much for him to explode.

History: Kerin's life used to be some what of a happy one. He was raised in a small home with a big family and his adopted father, Manuel Knight, a man of God, lived and ran a small church in a small town in the Human District. They were never rich but despite their shortage of funds, Manuel adopted four other orphans; Frederick (17), Nora (16), Axel (14), and Dana (9), Kerin being the oldest of them all. He was a difficult child as he grew up. Always angry or upset, when he started attending school Kerin would come home bruised or battered from some kind of fight. As he grew older, his attitude improved only slightly. People would tease him and his siblings about being adopted and Rin never took any nonsense. Insults about himself weren't really the spark that flamed his anger, it was the insults about the things he loves. He was never academic, more of the athletic type, but he didn't bother going on to high school. His only talent that he knew was fighting.

Kerin's home town was attacked the night he turned. A vampire couple ran through the town, destroying everything they could including the church Kerin lived in. As he tried to protect his family, he was bitten twice on the wrist in the process. After feeding on a quarter of the rest of the town, the couple left. He turned overnight and felt terribly thirsty the next. His family knew what was happening and despite their attempts to quench it, they knew what he wanted most. His instincts took over and as hard as he fought to stop them, one of Kerin's siblings, Quinn (who was 10 at the time) was killed in the process. His thirst quenched and his frenzy over, Kerin saw what he had done. To protect his family, he ran far away to the Vampire district where he thought that he couldn't hurt anyone else. Now, he lives alone in shame and grief. He would give anything to be human again and return to his family.

Element: Fire.

RP Sample: From MISFITS.
Toby groaned loudly. An exaggeration of course, but hitting the ground after being swept off your feet by a bolt of lightning can be quite painful. He slowly inspected his body for any kind of blemishes. Hands had a little skin taken off them. His knees were okay, the pants took the damage with a small tear. His butt was fine, just sore. Back, okay. Face wasn't bleeding as far as he could tell. His Pokémon were safe inside their PokéBalls. The family jewels? Unharmed. Awesome.

Still, he felt funny, like something wasn't right in his head. Something was... different?

"Well," he coughed and cleared his throat, "that was fun." The probation officer made a grunting noise and waved her hand about. Her Mightyena was already on its feet and trying to help its master up.

"Is everyone alright?" she spluttered out, lifting herself up.

"Oh yeah, fine," Toby slowly got up, dusting himself off. "Stellar. Nothing like getting struck by lightning."

"You didn't get struck, you would have died. It obviously hit very close and the force knocked us back," the probation officer also stood up, shaking her head at Toby. Toby shrugged his shoulders. Like she had any idea what she was saying.

"Whatever, but this is obviously the gods telling us that this community service is a load of crap and to get on with our daily lives!" Toby nodded and clapped his hands together. It made perfect sense. The probation officer shook her head disapprovingly.

"Yeah, no, I don't think so. I think we should call it a day today. We'll meet back here tomorrow and finish what we started. Dismissed," and with that, she turned around and walked in the opposite direction towards what Toby presumed was a bar. No sane person would go home to sleep after this. Although Toby's definition of sane was a little warped. Just a little.

"See you later, kiddies," Toby didn't wait for any other of the team to get up or even move. With a small wave, he walked as fast as he could out of Route 6 and towards the PokéCentre of Saffron City.

* * *

After grabbing a few dollars leftover from his mum's present last weekend, Toby headed straight for the closest place with alcohol; four doors down, named "The Happy Horsea." It was barely as happy as a horsea, the place was full of drunks, damaged furniture and kids who have recently gotten their "IDs". The drinks were cheap though and it was easy to coax a drunk into giving someone money. Toby strutted his way straight to the counter and tapped the counter.

"What will it be?" the young bartender said boredly. She raised an eyebrow and when Toby smiled smugly.

"Something hot and delicious, just like me," Toby leaned on the counter, his smile turning to a grin. The bartender scowled, shook her head and walked to the other end of the counter. "Oh, come on baby, you know you can't resist me!" Taking the attempt as a fail, he ordered a beer from the other bar tender and walked back to the Centre. The air was a little colder than it was coming in. Nightime, probably.

* * *

Toby was first to the community centre the next day. He hadn't gone to bed that late. After his spectacular fail, he finished his beer and just went to sleep in his bed in the Pokémon Centre. The probation officer wasn't here yet, but that wasn't abnormal. Plugging his headphones in, he took shelter under the roof over the front garage door. It was drizzling now, the storm from yesterday had completely blown over.
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