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Originally Posted by Teh Baro View Post
Colombo's room is supposed to be a glass bridge (or "cristal", according to him - old folks keep forgetting their words).

And Martha's room doesn't have to be exactly lava. Maybe it's special effects to give a more industrial feel. And it could be taking using tubes, which complain less than slaves. And it could be lava, why not. Corna has some volcanic activity (Cauldron).

Also, nothing says that the E4 is a tower, after all, you keep climbing upstairs and you're always walking north. Maybe the building goes all through a hill, then has a bridgey part (Colombo's room) that goes from the top of a small hill (Perica's) to another mountain that happens to have a volcano and a manmade system that once canalized lava to Martha's room.
Then at the top of this mountain is the Champion's room and the hall of fame.

Cornian arquitecture is always very creative.

In fact, this is now canon. Even though the game's been made... how many years ago?
Cornian canon is constantly in flux - it makes sense.

Originally Posted by SonicBlazePlatinum View Post
This game was completed somewhere around 2006. I first played it the weekend before Thanksgiving. I actually enjoy this ROM Hack as one of my favorites since it was my first and it is one of the few ROM Hacks majorly edited,and not lazily made. The only other ROM Hack on Pokecommunity that's actually like that is Azure Horizons by Frostbite, a ROM Hack that is like Fire Red meets Emerald, Crystal, and Platinum. Also I believe this Let's Play isn't finished yet since there is Arturo, other legendaries, etc. Or Is It?
You're right, there's probably going to be at least two more updates to wrap up the post-game content.

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