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Originally Posted by Torchic's Comeback View Post
(Sigh) I know nothing about the "Offsets" of anything! I put in a random order of letters and numbers (Gee, wht are the odds of that working? ), I even try looking at a place where the music actually DOES go, but there are only 4 characters in theplace where it goes, and it automatically does steps 3 and 4, but the button doesn't appear, mabye because the orders of the numbers were fake. I'm using a Ruby ROM. Help!
Sorry about that, when you type in the header offset and it fills in the other boxes, the insert button doesn't appear. Thats not your fault. As I'm still working on it, heres what you do (for now):

Delete the last letter in the box and then type it back in eg. 876543 -> 87654 -> 876543.

Thanks, GSH

EDIT: Fixed!
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