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Hi, this is Charizard203 here, going to present my first hack. I'm looking for a team. I'll allow any people to help me for the next BETA releases though. I'm going to be surprised if it even makes it passed it's BETA stage. Please don't get annoyed if it sucks, I'll still allow criticism, but don't go swearing and other stuff like that. I'd like more ideas, to...
Name: Pokemon Undercover
Hack of: FireRed
Starters: Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur (normal Kanto Region starters)
Region: Kanto & New Bark Town

So basically the plot starts off, with you being sent to Kanto for a special Undercover mission. Professor Oak tells you that you and your Partner (RIVAL in the actual Games) were sent there to get your first Pokemon. Then you're to go undercover as a average Pokemon Trainer, and find Team Rocket's plot and stop them. So that's the main objective.
The second objective is to become Champion like other games.

All Elite 4 have 6 Pokemon in their rematch stages.
Gym Leaders are rematchable (check screenshots to see where to find them)
Tohjo Falls has been added. (Tohjo falls is next to the First Entrance of the Pokemon League)
May gives you the running shoes in Pallet Town.
Mirage cave is right of the Tanoby Key. (Mirage Cave gives you access to event locations)
All starters are at Tohjo Falls are Level 20-40 (Johto and Kanto are more likely to because it's between Johto and Kanto)
Starters are available from specific NPCs.
Pokemon no longer have CAPS'ed names
Nidoqueen can breed like it's Nidoran Form.
Red, Green, Blue, Ruby and Sapphire are battlable. (Adventures Characters Translation Names).
You may battle Prof. Oak the same place where you battle Red, Green, BlLue, Ruby and Sapphire.
You can get Mart Items at all Marts depending on your badge case
You can get all TMs at the Department Store after defeating someone.
You can JUST reach the Johto Region.
Route 26 and 27 have been added.
Trade Evolutions have had another way to evolve into the same Pokemon.
List of Changed Added Evolutions ()=Maybe
Kadabra-Trade to Alakazam, Sun Stone to Alakazam
Machoke-Trade to Machamp, Level 36 to Machamp
Graveler-Trade to Golem, Level 36 to Golem
Haunter-Trade to Gengar, Moon Stone to Gengar
Slowpoke-Level 37 to Slowbro, (Level Up with) King's Rock to Slowking
Poliwhirl-Water Stone to Poliwrath, (Level Up with) King's Rock to Politoed
Onix-(Level Up with) Metal Coat to Steelix (next BETA)
Scyther-(Level Up with) Metal Coat to Scizor (don't worry it's this one)
Eevee-Thunder Stone to Jolteon, Fire Stone to Flareon, Water Stone to Vaporeon, Sun Stone to Espeon, Moon Stone to Umbreon
Porygon-(Level Up with) Up-Grade
Seadra-(Level Up With) DragonScale
Wurmple-Level 7 to Silcoon, (Level Up with) Pokeball to Cascoon
Feebas-Level 20 to Milotic
Clamperl-(Level Up with) Deepseatooth to Huntail, (Level Up with) Deepseascale to Gorebyss

Completion Status=60.2%
Award Status=0%
Bug/Glitches Fix=85% currently

[Rival] says Gramps in most scripts (maybe still).
New Bark Town is glitchy and incomplete-Fixed in New BETA


You're welcome to post your own screenshot I'll say it's yours to.

Trainer editing-Me
Mart Edit-Me
Trade Edits-Me
TM Edits-Me
I thank anyone who made the tools listed below the on below this.

This place is where I ask a question about the hack on what would make it better. So reply if you have an answer pleeeeeaaaaaaaaase
Should I make the Elite 4 stronger (have Legendaries).
Any other ideas are welcome.
What I'm not going to do
I'm not going to add Hoenn.
I'm not taking off the Sevii Islands.
I'm not going to add the Hoenn Gym Leaders or Elite 4 (maybe Steven but nobody else).
I'm not going to put a Battle Frontier on it (until I know how to)
I will not add anything you got from ShinyGold or Liquid Crystal
I'm not changing the starters because it's KANTO not Hoenn, Johto, Sinnoh or Unova.
I'm not adding Sinnoh or Unova Pokemon.
Not adding Johto, or Gym Leaders neither Elite 4 because I don't have the sprites (I could add Johto but I don't want to add the Gym Leaders as it)
Not adding anymore maps.
Apart from any of the things above other ideas are allowed.

Advance Map
Advance Trainer
Advanced Text
Advanced Mart
Trader Advance
Evolution Editor Pro
Poke Edit Pro
Unlz-GBA (Only edited one sprite but their Palette stayed the same D
Attack Editor Pro (next BETA has no CAPS in attacks)

Please join the crew if you have skills my laptop doesn't have.
Just fill out the short form below

Looking for: Spriters, and Pallette Editors Thus, Overworld Editors Finally BETA Testers.
(Australian Time)
Beta 1.0.1-5/6/11
Beta 1.2.0-25/6/11 Finished 23/7/11
Beta 1.3.1-20/8/11 25/12/11 (CHRISTMAS Promise)
Can this game be played and finished?
Does this game work now?
Yes, I didn't change too much, or make a whole new region.
Yes, I tested it perfectly and saw the Decapitalization.

Try not to go to battle the Gym Leaders in a rematch until you've beaten the Elite 4. (They have high leveled Pokemon Lv 60-62)
Beat the Gym Leaders in a Rematch before facing the Elite 4 Rematches.
What I want to know
How do you change Oak's script so he gives you the National Pokedex straight away, that way I can add Hoenn Pokemon to all the Sevii Islands.


Take out the * before putting it in your sig.

Beta Version 1.0.1-here-Doesn't work
Beta Version 1.2.0-here
If that link doesn't work use the attached file below.
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