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Originally Posted by ericu01 View Post
i've already done that.. many times. i still couldnt get it. i want to get to the other region very bad.
You should do it as many times as possible until you obtain that ticket...
I know that script is very buggy so it doesn't activate everytime.

Originally Posted by -ty- View Post
I see that a few people asked about the FEEBAS evolution method. I can't evolve my FEEBAS either; I have tried the max happiness route, but I had no luck. My FEEBAS is at level 61, and still no evolution. The water stone does not work either. Is there some way that I can boost its beauty? (Assuming that there are not any pokeblocks in the hack)
Feebas does evolve by beauty but as you said there are no pokeblocks so unfortunately your quote is right.
Originally Posted by -ty- View Post
Ohhhh, so I can't evolve FEEBAS in the non-english version!!
Originally Posted by Sarcastic Prince View Post
Correct. Don't bother playing it.
Are you for real?
How can you seriously say that?
We probably adapted on the fact that you don't respect Wes' way of doing things in hack which is bad itself but now you don't respect the hack itself?
You are really exaggerating!
ROM hacking FAQ - Read before asking how to play a hack.

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