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Originally Posted by (=Nemesis=) View Post
This is looking cool.

Just a question, would you like help with music synth? You seem quite good at the compositional side of things, but the reproduction of it through MIDI... eee.

Maybe, you could host some sort of contest to find someone to do it, uploading the MIDI (or notation if it isn't actually in MIDI format) and seeing who can turn your composition into the best-sounding version?
Well my composer is amazing at the composing end, he's just a little new to synthfont and such, but once he gets a bit more experience I have faith in him to revisit some of the older tracks and revamp them a little! But regardless, I think they're very good so far.

Originally Posted by Dorandragon View Post
Man, you already have some AMAZING sprite artists, but i have the desire to help you guys out. I can make stationary pokemon and fakemon sprites. I dont have any experience with overworlds, but I can do trainers. I'd love to be able to help out on this one.
Well, firstly, thanks for the comment on our pixel artist team, which is mostly Scarf. As for wishing to help out, I can always do with another good teammate. But I wont be needing fakemon sprites, and for reposes I can handle them myself if I needed them, but I don't really. However, if you're quite good with trainers then you could certainly help with that. I reckon that there's other things you could do though, such as large pixel art for the starter selection and such. So, if you want to talk further, shoot me a PM or catch me on MSN, you can find it if you add me on PC. But yeah, you can totally help out I love your work. Thanks for the interest!

And as usual guys, thanks for all the great support. But now, I'm going to release a bit of the antagonists. I don't want to reveal too much since all the art has not been done as of yet. But I do however, have some music created by my fantastic composer lllWaysToEpica. I also have to preview our champion. So without further ado, here's a little update for today.


Hearts - The female Grunts
The cunning and beautiful female grunts of Forever Lost's antagonist team will have you running in circles and battling your way through turmoil. Will you be distracted by their striking looks and sly ways? Or will you see past the card tricks and make them surrender to defeat?

You can see the full sized art here.

Some music by my composer.

Champion Anastasia

The elegant and talented artist and musician. Her beauty and fierce attitude also comes across on the battling stage. Her power is amongst the greatest in the world. Her quest for peace and eternal euphoric tranquility in Hawthorn has been ongoing her entire life, she became champion so that she could ensure Hawthorn will always be safe. But this is not even her biggest task, some day, she will have to face the strongest trainer she will ever battle; you.

That's it for now guys, enjoy!
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