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    Originally Posted by Merciless Cremator View Post
    Did I miss anything?
    Apparently, you have an alter ego here also named Charizard who is another fan of Yoruichi.

    Originally Posted by RASENCERO View Post
    *Creates new head for smile!*
    With the compliments of squad 12. This one has a fail safe for Unohana-ness. Enjoy.
    Btw, I got you free SciFi on it. I will not use the new name dammit!
    Why thank you, but I don't mind my Unohana-ness. Even if my head explodes infinite times.

    Free SciFi.. whatisthat?

    Originally Posted by minchan View Post
    LOL Rasencero...

    BTW I like the filler arc so far but
    I didn't notice that Ukitake and Kyoraku didn't go through the senkaimon. That's interesting...
    I think they didn't. I could be mistaken. Do you happen to know, Rasen? Since ILPy still haven't watched the whole filler, I believe, or else I'd have asked him

    Originally Posted by I like Pokemon (...) View Post
    By mentioning them, I'm hoping that he'll go more in depth about them. Otherwise, it's quite... annoying, learning a tiny bit about a character, and nothing else.

    My mistake, Shinji did.
    Cross your finger and hope to fall into a well of chocolate sauce chip cookies... I mean, knowing Kubo, he'll probably have forgotten them already. XD

    o.o Even I didn't remember things like that. XD

    Since activity is slow, allow me to steal post another topic:
    Against the 10 Espada, how would you fare?
    Don't open if you're not up-to-date with the current manga:
    0. Yammy
    Blergh. He may be huge, but he got defeated very easily by Byakuya and Kenpachi. He didn't even get a fight scene, but I would have to rant about that some other time. idk if his Hierro is thick enough to withstand the onslaught of Kido moves. If no, then I'll win. If yes, I'll simply have to find his weak spots or whatever. All in all, I think I would win.

    1. Coyote Starrk
    Starrk... is a fast guy. I could probably withstand his Cero gun. His wolves, though, are a lot harder to defeat. I could probably force a draw, or maybe win, if I use my Ace/King card, but otherwise he'll be very hard to fend off.

    2. Barragan Luisenbarn
    This guy... is weird. o.o idk if his abilities can make elemental stuff rot, like... Fire, Wind or Water. XD I might lose if I happen to get the Earth cards, other than that, if his powers cannot affect Kido, then I might win. Provided I don't get caught within Respira.

    3. Tia Halibel
    My fight against her would be very much based on luck. If I get Fire cards... I'm screwed. Water cards and we'll have a water party! wouldn't give me any specific advantage. Wind Cards would give me something, if I can activate the Mind element and have a Lightning-based attack. Earth Cards wouldn't do much, since she can blast rocks away with Cascada. I could win, but as with Starrk, it'll be hard.

    4. Ryuu Ulquiorra Schiffer
    ILPy is so going to slaughter me if I ever so much land a finger on him XP At any rate, the only way I might stand a chance against him would be by using my strongest cards. Even then, Ulqiorra is freaking fast o.o I don't think I could even froce a draw. Plus, he has that second resurreccion.

    5. Nnoitra Jiruga
    This guy is pretty much the same as Kenpachi. Again, hard to win. Might force a draw. Nothing much to be said.

    6. Grimmjoww Jeagerjacques (sp?)
    catnips! Pretty similar to Ulquiorra, maybe less strength. Hard to win, could draw.

    7. Zommari Leroux
    Ah. This one is easier. His Gemelos Sonido could cause quite a problem, but I'd try to hold that off and force him to release. Once he releases, then he's a dead meat. His immobility makes it even easier for me to set traps or whatever around him.

    8. Szayel Granz
    A mad scientist >.< He could disable my bankai, but then my shikai is not really different from my bankai. So long as I stay out of his reach (Carbon Copy, or Voodoo Doll), I should be fine. I guess I could set a trap and run away somewhere else, but he'd notice the trap. lol.At any rate, I could probably win, or at least draw. Lose if he got me in a doll first. o.o

    9. Aaroniero Aruruarrghhoweveryouspellhisname
    ....... I believe I don't need to explain? XD If Rukia could beat him, then anyone could.