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Originally Posted by mustafa505 View Post
this is becoming freaking nonesense!
the main plot is to revamp red and blue version's tiles, not to change them into
b/w style.
and i dont care if people are intrested or not.
i am gonna ignore any more comments relating to this topic.
Yes it is becoming freaking nonesense because you aren't listening to us.
Game Freak have already made a remake of Red.
It is called Pokemon FireRed.
This just seems completely useless imo, all it is is FireRed with tile errors and recoloured Red tiles. I could do everything you are doing in a few hours. Nobody wants to see FireRed with different tiles, if they did then there is a thread in the ROM hacking section for people to post ROM bases--most of which are exactly what you are doing, FireRed with different tiles.
This all really just seems like a waste of time tbh.
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