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Originally Posted by Ęℓαчиıı View Post

Thank you so much, <~F.M.P.~>, you have no idea as to who much that means to me!
It means quite a lot that someone like you would post such a comment. <3

Your words have inspired me to work even harder on this game and now, you have my eternal love. <3

Thank you too!

Such kind works are really uplifting, and now, I think I'll go ahead and give you all what you've been waiting for~

Meet Purleaf!
Sprited by the adorable Dewitty~

This little guy is the first of the starters of the Armonia region! These creatures are very playful and won't turn down a chance to run around.
:3 hey elaynii, game looks like its comin' along nicely. i just want to hug and cuddle that sprite. dewitty, is very talented, been following him on deviantart fo awhile, well, keep up the good work!
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