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    Originally Posted by jamy View Post
    For any Regigigas:

    I can offer Haxorus lv 100,

    Kyurem lv 80

    Tornadus lv 40?

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    no thanks, sorry "
    Originally Posted by ~Frozen Darkness~ View Post
    Gigalith is lv 100 now, just tell me when you're ready to trade.

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    What are its final stats now?
    Originally Posted by Katja View Post
    Well, I do have a shiny one lol. What did you want for the eevees?

    For Zorua...I guess I'll list a bunch of pokemon I have.

    Absol, zangoose, golduck, riolu, buneary, DW chikorita, lvl 100 timid genesect, got a few growlithes, shiny timid meowth with technician, shiny reuniclus, DW skitty, lvl 100 blissey, shiny ducklett, shiny lvl 100 cobalion, lvl 100 modest gengar AND DW shint torchic.

    any of those? @_@

    EDIT: also got lvl 100 regigigas and DW shiny blastoise :x
    the eevees' are freebies

    I'm not interested in those, since 4 of them are hacks
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