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    Originally Posted by Weavile05 View Post
    Awesome man, Awesome. I'll be sure to use it once I officially start hacking again...
    EDIT: Ok how do I find the sprites to edit them? I used to be able to do this in unLzGBA when I first tried it but I must've forgotten... I'm using a FR ROM btw.
    EDIT2: Nevermind, figured it out. Are you gonna make it so that we don't have to know the offset and we can look up the image number like in unLz?
    Yep, currently you have to use the naviagtor and provide the offsets.
    There will be somthing similar to unLz's naviagtor for lz compressed sprites, maybe in a plugin (wouldn't be too hard).

    The big plan is to bookmark Every Single Sprite (or atleast the important ones), so you'll never have to know an image number ever agian, you'll be able to just pick it from the bookmarks window.
    The bookmarks are going to be allot more complicated than the old NSE,
    I expect there will be reading of rom pointers and tables involved.

    Originally Posted by Nintendork15 View Post
    This looks good! I always used you NSE1X for my overworld editing now it can do so much more! <3
    Good work Link (trying out now) xD
    Thanks, but play gentle it's just an alpha :D

    Originally Posted by NurseBarbra View Post
    Oh... My.... Arceus....

    This is looking awesome so far, you sir deserve a reward.
    On another note I shall be checking back in every so often to view progress.
    I'll be sure to keep updating, and expecting a reward!


    Now a question for everyone, slightly more so towards developers, should I implement a solution/project system? (Similar to Visual Studio, Dreamweaver and other large programs)
    -this would replace the simpler "open rom" that everyone is used to with a more complicated "open project"

    • NSE could keep track of every sprite you've ever eddited
    • You could leave sprites unfinnished (they would be saved to the project file), and save them to the ROM when you have finnished (means less repointing)
    • NSE could track and adjust to any pointers that have been changed(Means that if you repoint ,say charizard to 0x900000, the bookmarks would automagically reflect this change)
    • Bookmarks would be stored in project files, along with other data.
    • No more simple "open rom"
    • You won't be able to easily have multiple copies of the same rom
    • You have another filetype to worry about, and whenever you wanted to edit you'd have to use the project file
    • Redistribution of projects would be weird
    • Project files and ROMs would have to stay in the same folder.
    Input, suggestions, ideas?
    -I kind-of need to decide before continuing