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<--made in 5 minutes :/
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    Changes and comments in RED
    BTW I'm fairly new to team rating but I'll give it my best

    Aerodactyl/Focus Sash
    Pressure/Nature:Jolly/EV - Att 252 Spd 252 Hp 6
    Stealth Rock
    Stone Edge/Earthquake
    Protect/Stone Edge/Earthquake
    Some people say Gen 5 Ruined Aerodactyl as a lead, but I disagree...
    You will outspeed nearly all pokes apart from Electrode, Deoxys and Ninjask. However the one to be afraid of is electrode. If he is sent out first (which is doubtful because I have never seen an Electrode lead) hit him with an earthquake, then when he has been dealt with send out your stealth rock and use protect as a use for your pressure ability (mainly for strong moves like Hydro Pump ect. with only 5 pp)

    Levitate/Nature:Modest/EV - Sp.att 252 Spd 252 Hp 4
    Shadow Ball
    Focus Blast
    Dream Eater
    This is my moveset for my Gengar, I use it to cut peoples flow with a hypnosis and just try to outspeed dark types and hit with a Focus Blast

    Starmie/Expert Belt
    Natural Cure/Nature:Modest/EV Sp.Att 252 Spd 252 Hp 6
    Thunder Bolt
    If it works don't change it

    Tyranitar/Expert Belt
    Sand Stream/Nature:Adamant/EV Sp.Def 252 Def 252 Hp 6
    Stone Edge
    Thunder Punch
    Strong tank :D

    Heracross/Toxic Orb
    Guts/Nature:Adamant/EV Spd 252 Att 252 Hp 6
    Swords Dance
    Close Combat
    Again, this is a good moveset

    Flygon/Choice Scarf
    Levitate/Nature:Jolly/EV Atk 252 Spd 252 SpA 6
    Fire Blast
    Stone Edge
    I found this on the internets and was like 'this is an awesome moveset :O'
    Earthquake and Outrage prove really well as STAB moves and are hard hitting, And Stone Edge and Fire Blast prove good covers who resist/are immune to Outrage/Earthquake (for example Bronzong

    Oh and if you are wondering why I have decreased all of your EV's from 255 + 255 to 252 + 252 + 6 it is because of the calculation means that you waste 4 EV's moving one stat upto 255 or something... IDK but there is something important about 252...

    It also helps boost a diiferent stat :D