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    Hi, in the simple questions forum i asked this question:

    "Hi I know this will probably sound stupid as I'm about to ask the opposite of what most pokedex related questions are but since I can't figure it out and there seem to be no posts on it I'll still ask it:

    How do I REMOVE Pokemon from the pokedex (so there are only #1-151) and so that when you catch all of them (only the 151) you can get your diploma?

    Also I would like to add a bonus Pokemon (Missingno.) that you do not have to catch to receive the diploma.

    The rom I am attempting to hack is Pokemon FireRed US (CoolROM)

    This would be greatly appreciated (if you can help me of course)

    Thanks in advance (map ;P)


    Well I got the same answer every time- don't give them the national dex and don't put the other Pokemon wild. But I want to actualy delete them from the game. Since you seem to be the only pokedex post I guess you might be able to help.

    Well thanks in advance.

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