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Sorry this one took so long, folks. I've been busy as all get out these last couple of weeks with mid-year exams and all, but hopefully we'll get back into something of a weekly update schedule now.

Warning: this chapter contains mild sexual references.


First, introductions,” Elly said calmly, ignoring Ren's flabbergasted expression. “Shall we start with the boys?” For a terrifying split second, Ren was reminded of his first teacher at school.

Lucius Balthazar,” said the bald man cordially, nodding in Ren's direction with a smile. “It's a pleasure to meet you, yehktira.” He had a noticeable accent that rounded his vowels slightly and rolled his r's. Unsure whether he was allowed to speak yet, Ren nodded back respectfully.

Bartholomew Elsin,” said the bearded man, his eyes seeming to pierce Ren's own. “Vice-head of the elders' council.”

Ren expected Elly to skip her introduction, but she spoke up nonetheless. “Felicia Darkstorm, head of the council,” she said.

My name is Salinthia Silverwood,” indicated the tall woman next to Elly. “And this is my sister-”

I can introduce myself!” the girl with the green-gold hair snapped. “I'm Cecilia Silverwood,” she said to Ren, inclining her head gently. “As you heard, I am Salinthia's younger sister. It's truly a pleasure to meet you, new yehktira. Steven has told us all about you.”

Introduce yourself to the council, yehktira.” Elly's voice rang out coolly.

Ren fumbled awkwardly. Suddenly he was expected to speak? Oh well, he thought, resigning himself to the fact. Might as well make the best of it. “My name is Ren Goodwin,” he said, his voice ringing from the walls as he made his best effort to project it throughout the temple. “I am most honoured to make the acquaintance of the council of elders, and I hope to serve you well as your new yehktira.” He didn't know where the words came from – they sounded false, even to him – but the council seemed pleased. Bartholomew Elsin nodded appreciatively, and Salinthia Silverwood leaned over to whisper in Elly's ear.

Elly bit her lip before speaking. “The council desires your pledge, Ren Goodwin. Will you, until such time as one arises who is stronger than you are, serve as our yehktira to the best of your ability?”

Ren sensed that he was being given his last chance to turn away – as if he could at this point. Trembling slightly, he nonetheless stood upright and firmly declared, “I will.”

And do the members of the council approve of the appointment of Ren Goodwin as the new yehktira?” Elly asked formally. “Let it be witnessed that he has been legitimately found to possess yehkti of a higher level than his predecessor, and as such he is qualified for the position.”

Lucian Balthazar spoke up first. “I see he is ready to take on the position, and so I give my approval.”

Ren couldn't help but shiver. This was all happening very fast, and he was almost asleep standing up to begin with. If he let himself relax, he sensed, he would collapse onto the cold marble floor.

Ren Goodwin,” rumbled Elsin. “First I must know. Do you take on this position of your own free will, asserting you have not been coerced or in any other way influenced towards your decision?”

Ren fought the urge to glance at Elly – Felicia, he corrected himself – keeping his eyes fixed on the big man. To be honest, once Elly had presented him with his choices, there was no real way he could have refused. He didn't like it, especially as it had been sprung on him so suddenly, but that was just how things were sometimes. Sometimes you have to make choices that determine the future at the drop of a hat, his father had once told him. Sometimes it's your own life, sometimes it's someone else's. But whatever the case, you have to take the choice that's best in the long term. Just because you don't think about it for as long doesn't make it any less important or more foolish.

I made my choice of my own free will, sir,” Ren agreed. “I couldn't have refused in good conscience, anyway.” That much was true. As much as Ren wanted nothing to do with the whole affair, Elly had made it abundantly clear that the world was doomed if he refused. How could he have refused after that?

In that case, I also submit my approval,” Elsin said, apparently satisfied. As Ren's eyes flicked over to Elly, he noticed that her cheeks were a little flushed, although none of the other elders seemed to have noticed.

I, also, have no objections,” said the older of the two sisters after a few seconds' pause. “Felicia, what is your opinion?”

I brought him here, so I have had ample time to consider his suitability for the position. I deem him capable, and so I also approve.”

I noticed you were gone for quite a while,” Cecilia said slyly. “Surely it shouldn't take you too long to pick up one human? What took you so long?”

I don't like your tone, Silverwood,” Elly said coldly, fixing the other girl with a glare that could have split rock.

Alright, alright!” Cecilia said, raising her hands in a gesture of surrender that was quite at odds with the michievous grin on her face. “It's none of my business what you get up to with our yehktira while nobody's looking. If you want to sneak off and b-”

While I do not share my sister's suspicions as such,” Salinthia cut in smoothly, “it is true that we were expecting your return earlier. Did something happen?”

Ah . . . yes,” said Elly, blinking as if suddenly remembering. “The Iehkti'na found us. Three of them, and quite strong, too.”

They shouldn't have been able to sense your presence,” Elsin rumbled, “provided you took the usual precautions.”

Of course I did, Elsin,” Elly said. “But that means that it must have been Ren that they sensed, and that means-”

We all know what it means, Felicia,” Balthazar interrupted her calmly. “We can discuss it later, however. For now, I believe all that remains is for one more person to give her approval. Miss Cecilia?”

Ren had been watching with some confusion as the strange assortment of spirits in front of him rallied back and forth. Despite being hundreds of years old, there were a couple of them who certainly didn't act it.

I don't have any problems with him,” Cecilia shrugged, eyeing Ren thoughtfully. He shivered involuntarily and looked back to Elly.

Then it is done,” the black-haired girl said. “Ren Goodwin, you are officially our new yehktira.”

I don't feel any different,” Ren commented.

There's no physical change, moron,” Elly said, stepping down from her throne and approaching Ren. On either side, the other elders followed suit.

So . . . now what?” he asked.

Now, I think, you wake up,” Salinthia said gently. “That's probably quite enough excitement for one night.

It can't be morning already!” Ren exclaimed.

Time works differently here, boy,” Elsin said patiently. “There is no concurrent flow, no correspondence. The hour or so you have spent here took place in less than five minutes of your time.”

What? That's impossible!” Ren protested.

You should know better than to call anything impossible by now, yehktira,” Elsin said.

That's right,” Elly said. “Nothing is impossible. Still . . . I'm sure you have many questions. For now, though, we shall return you to the first ring. From there, you'll wake up normally. Think about everything that's happened, and tomorrow we can discuss it further.”

What, now? But I-”

You're going,” said Elly firmly. “I know it's probably a lot for you to deal with, so take a day to have a break. Talk to Steven about if you like, or just, you know . . . think about it.”

I'll take him back!” Cecilia offered brightly, suddenly appearing at his side. She had somehow managed to change into a short red dress that wouldn't have looked amiss on one a Nimbasa City catwalk. She had tied her voluminous hair back as well, and if it hadn't been for its unusual colour, she would have looked quite normal, albeit extremely pretty. “Elly's got some work to catch up on, I'm sure, seeing as she's been busy having fun with our little yehktira here.”

Are you looking for a black eye?” Elly scowled.

Ooh, I'm scared!” Cecilia giggled, hiding behind Ren and peeping over his shoulder. “Protect me from the crazy girl, Ren!”

Ren sighed. “Are they usually like this?” he asked Elsin, who was watching with some amusement as the two girls continued hurling taunts at each other.

Oh, whenever they're not on the job,” Elsin said. “I have no idea why, but as soon as they get off the thrones . . .”

It's just a way to relieve stress,” Salinthia said with a benevolent smile. “Wouldn't you get a bit restless after seven hundred years on the council?”

S-seven hundred years?” Ren's jaw dropped as he took another look around at the members of the council. None of them looked seven hundred years old – least of all Elly and Cecilia, who had both by now degenerated into helpless laughter. “You're kidding, right?”

What, did you expect a bunch of creaky, wrinkled old folks?” Balthazar laughed. “Our appearance has not changed in centuries. There would be no reason for us to age like humans if we are not. Our existence permits us to live forever unless we are killed, yet what would be the point in that if we slowly became too decrepit to move? So we sit up on our thrones and speak of heavy things in heavy voices, but once we step down, we must enjoy life as much as we are able. The Iehkti'na cannot find us here, so our life is one of peace. Our only real concern is holding the worlds together, and that, of course, is why we need you.”

You make it sound so simple,” Ren said quietly.

Oh, it is,” Balthazar said genially. “You are like the glue that holds both worlds together. If we do not reapply the glue every night, then both worlds fall apart. It's as easy as that, yet it causes us so much strife. But you should leave now. This is a lot for you to take in, I'm sure, so you should return to your own world for now.”

He's right!” Cecilia chimed in suddenly, breaking off her increasingly heated argument with Elly and slipping her arm casually through Ren's. “Shall we go?” Without waiting for a response, she lifted her hand and drew a circle in the air. Ren, realising what was about to happen, tried to step back but failed to escape the sonic shock that rippled through the air. He swore under his breath as Cecilia pulled him into the portal, but his words were snatched away from him by the sudden acceleration.

With a thud and much creaking of springs, Ren landed back on the bed in his room. Cecilia was already standing by the window, seemingly engrossed by the view. “The human world is so pretty,” she said wistfully.

Ren got to his feet and joined her, watching the waves sparkling at the bottom of the cliff and beyond. “I don't know about that,” he said. “Your world's pretty nice too.”

Perhaps,” she admitted, “but you get a little tired of it before long. It's hardly changed in seven hundred years. You can't leave the city, because the Iehkti'na are out there. The barrier . . . the blue wall you would have seen as you came in? It keeps them out, prevents them from sensing us, but at the same time . . .”

It keeps you in,” Ren said softly, completing her sentence.

Cecilia smiled. “Yes . . . I'm glad you understand. Humans are so lucky. Even if their lives aren't as privileged as ours, they have freedom we don't. I'd rather spend eighty years in your world than a thousand in mine. You can go anywhere you want, do whatever you like. You can see a thousand places, meet a million people, each one individual and unique.”

And in exchange, we get old and die,” Ren reminded her.

Sounds like a fair trade to me,” Cecilia said. “What's the point of living for hundreds of years if you can't enjoy them? I've spent seven centuries on the council, and all I've done in that time is continue to protect the yehktira. Is there even any meaning in that? No offense, of course!”

None taken,” Ren said charitably. “Well, I mean . . . man, I don't know, Cecilia.”

I wouldn't expect you to know the answer to something I've been asking myself for hundreds of years,” she said, laughing, but there was a touch of bitterness in her voice. “I'm sorry. I'm being silly. I didn't come with you to complain. I came to mess with Elly's new boy-toy.”

B-boy-toy?” Ren spluttered. “What are you talking about?”

Aha, you're getting all red,” Cecilia said knowingly, prodding him in the chest with her index finger. “You two took sooo long to arrive before. Now 'fess up. What were the pair of you up to?”

What do you mean, what were we 'up to'? We weren't 'up to' anything!”

Uh-huh,” she said, clearly unconvinced. “You know what? I'm not buying Elly's story about the Iehkti'na appearing. They shouldn't have been able to find you, especially as it was your first time in the second ring. It usually takes them at least a few nights to get used to a new yehktira and start attacking in force. It was a pretty poor cover story, to be honest. So . . . ?” She left the question hanging in the air.

Ren shifted uncomfortably. “So what?” he asked.

How was she?” Cecilia asked with a mischievous smile.

I don't know what you're talking about,” Ren said firmly, “and I really think I should be going back now.” Cecilia was beginning to make him uncomfortable.

Oh, no . . . not until you give me the details! I'm not letting you go that easy.”

You just want to tease her, don't you?” Ren sighed.

So what if I do?” Cecilia pouted. “Come on, spill!”

Nothing happened!” he insisted. “She brought me into the second ring and started to explain what was going on, but we were interrupted by three of those Iehkti'na things. After we killed them, she brought me into the third ring and essentially made me repeat everything she'd told me so far, just because she didn't think I was smart enough to remember it,” he recalled, somewhat miffed. “It wasn't until after that that she brought me to the council.”

Hmm,” Cecilia droned flatly, not sounding terribly convinced. Abruptly, she danced back and sat down on Ren's bed, exhaling lightly through a thoughtfully twisted mouth. “At least your stories match . . . and that does sound like something she would do, but come on. I've never known Elly to be one to hold back. I mean, sure, you're a little younger than she normally goes for, but age doesn't really mean anything when you're seven hundred years old.” She kicked her legs absently, gazing at the ceiling as if it held some special interest for her.

A sudden, disturbing thought struck Ren. “Hang on . . . she didn't . . . with Steven?” He found himself unable to complete the sentence, but Cecilia seemed to follow him well enough.

Oh . . . are we jealous?” she cooed.

Ren frowned, feeling his face heat up slightly. “Don't be absurd. I was just curious . . . no, you know what, forget it. I don't care anyway.”

Steven was too stuffy for her. For me too, for that matter,” Cecilia sulked. Then she brightened considerably, a slightly predatory grin starting to form on her face. “You look fun, though,” she mused.

Ren sighed and rolled his eyes. “Just send me back to the first ring, will you?” he asked hastily.

Aw, am I making you uncomfortable, sweetie?” Cecilia teased. “Well, all right. If you don't want to talk about it.”

There's nothing to talk about!” Ren reaffirmed. I'd rather take my chances spending the rest of my night with Afro Glameow, he decided in exasperation.

Cecilia grinned. “All right, then. But if you ever do need to talk about it, you know where to find me. Or . . . I know where to find you,” she corrected herself as she drew another portal on Ren's bedroom wall – a silent one this time.

That's reassuring and not at all creepy,” Ren said with a straight face, crossing the room to enter the portal.

Of course. Now, look. Tomorrow night, when you go to sleep . . . one of us will be along. It'll most likely be one of the elders, but it might equally be someone you don't recognise. You'll be able to tell them from an Iehkti'na if that's the case, though, so don't worry. The horrible things can't talk.”

Good to know,” said Ren.

In all seriousness, Ren,” Cecilia said, “go back to your world and just take a day to get used to the idea. I know this seems huge right now, but it's your job whether you like it or not. Trust me, it's easier if you learn to like it.”

You sound exactly like Steven,” Ren said, pausing with his hand an inch from the portal.

If he said that, he probably stole it from me,” Cecilia said. “Say hello to him from me, by the way. He was a good yehktira, and I liked him, even if he was a bit . . .”

Stuffy?” Ren suggested with a smile.

Don't tell him I said that!” Cecilia warned him, grabbing his arm to prevent him from leaving. “Alright? Not a word.”

Got it,” Ren said with a smile. “I'll see you tomorrow, then.”

Maybe,” she said. “I might not get to the second ring tomorrow. We'll see. Have fun.” Swiftly, she leant forward and planted a kiss on his cheek before nudging him in the back so that he fell forwards. The instant he touched the portal, he was sucked into it, once again falling, out of control, down, ever downwards . . .

Fwump. He's back in the candy maze. Afro Glameow hisses at him from the other side of an enormous lollipop before stalking round it to glare at him with sharp yellow eyes. “Ah,” Ren says awkwardly, the spot where Cecilia's lips touched him still tingling strangely. “Hello.”

Chapter 5
Why am I amused of Steven liking chocolate brownies? XD
He doesn't really seem like the brownie type, does he? XD

Hm, interesting over what Steven said that he'll have to get a new set of badges if he wants to go for Champion again in a new region. I admit, I never thought that former Champions might do that. I always vaguely assumed they already have a pass to battle against another region's Elite 4 and their champion due. This idea sounds more realistic because how a former trainer might be unfamiliar with the region's Pokemon and the gym leaders' battle styles.
I toyed with a couple of ideas, but I went with this version for multiple reasons. because it gives me a potential excuse to turn it into a journeyfic

Overall, I too thought Ren did nicely his first time being on TV. Too bad he'll have to get use to it, haha.
Oh boy, he's gonna love that. :x

I love how the tone is mostly serious when Ren was dreaming about that Afro Glameow, LOL. Seriously, I'm still amused by the image of Glameow having an Afro. And wee, finally getting to more stuff on Dreamlight!
Oh, Afro Glameow is . . . very serious. :>

Chapter 6
I too had never swung a sword, but swinging a tennis racquet wasn't easy for me at first, LOL.

“He called them nightmares too. He got all sulky whenever I tried to correct him, though.”
I can imagine him being like that too, hehe.

Elly and Ren's interactions are great in this, and so is the battle. I admit I haven't really watched Bleach saved for a few fighting clips, but reading the action in this chapter is fun. Nice pacing and also you showed Ren's inexperience with sword fighting well. The three worlds things is also very interesting. I'm a sucker for dreams able to actually affect the outcome of reality kind of stories. :3
Well, if that's the case, this ought to be fun. Interestingly, I find myself trying to turn this damn thing into Bleach at every possible turn, and it's taking a considerable amount of willpower to avoid doing so. XD

And the revelation of the plot thickens! Going to feel sorry for Ren if that's the case, though, haha.
dun dun dun nothingusefultosayheremovealong

Ouch. LOL
I honestly think that Elly is my favourite character to write. :> She's just so . . . yeah. *makes roughly Elly-shaped hand-gesture*

Again, love the interaction between Elly and Ren, quite amusing and fun. Also the description of the place is very nice.

Overall, this is getting even more interesting. Only thing I'm slightly skeptical (and I know you mentioned this before) is if any Pokemon elements will still come to play. I don't mind if the Pokemon themselves will not enter, but it seems the plot is getting to be a Pokemon fic at first but then can be easily taken as a fantasy/supernatural story of sorts. I'm probably assuming things a little too early, so I'll hold off my judgement of the plot for now. Still looking forward to what the Elders have to say about Ren, though. Keep up the good work!
Well, Ren's back in the Pokemon world now, so we ought to see a few critters beating the boogers out of each other soon enough. All joking aside, that's one of the reasons I wanted to write this story - to see if I could balance two entirely different worlds, two different stories, that are ultimately linked at some level. So far it seems to be working, but I want to avoid paying too much attention to one or the other.
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