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So I'm back with chapter two, with a cameo by another PC member, who will have a bigger impact on the story as it progresses. This is the first taste of the Pokemon Academy for our protagonists, and our readers.

Pokemon Academy: Chapter Two

Starring Impo, ~Ryukaa, Rossay

Stepping onto the Pokemon Academy threshold, Impo and Ryukaa admired the sight amongst other first-time students. There was a large chrome gate, with two pillars one either side. A top the pillars were two chrome Pokeballs, with the release buttons both facing the ground in front of the gate. Behind the gate was a path which led to a castle-like building. Even more impressively were the school grounds.

"Wow, Imps, check out this place!" Ryukaa gasped, observing the view.

"I know, it's huge. Are you sure we didn't get off at the wrong stop?" Impo replied.

"Positive. The reason for the vast grounds is the founders of the school have various methods of funding the Academy. And with their research, they've managed to manipulate the grounds into mimicking the habitats of Pokemon. So the grounds are flourished with Pokemon that migrate through the summer," interjected another boy.

Neither Impo or Ryukaa has seen him before, but he sure seemed to know a lot. He had red hair and was wearing thin-rimmed glasses.

"So there's all different kinds of Pokemon? Awesome!" Ryukaa cheered, clapping playfully.

"Yep. I'm Rossay, by the way. But call me Ross."

"Cool. I'm Ryukaa and this is Impo."

"Nice to meet you both!"

Before their conversation could continue, the two Pokeballs upon the gate began to emit beeping noises. The release buttons on both flickered red, then scanned all the students waiting at the gate. The scan finished, then after more flicking a hologram appeared before them. Much to everyone's astonishment, it took the shape of Professor Oak.

"Greetings everyone, and welcome to the Pokemon Academy! As you should know, I am Professor Oak, one of the founders of this school. Our main objective is to teach you all about Pokemon. After all, the world is full of them! I see everyone is here, so I kindly ask you to proceed through the gate behind me and I'll meet you at the entrance!"

The hologram disappeared and the chrome gates opened. Rossay was the first to eagerly enter, followed by the rest of the students. There was a long, straight path towards the entrance of the school. The group made it to the iron-clad doors, and were greeted by Professor Oak himself. After the group settled, he began to speak.

"Ah, is that all the newcomers? Okay then," Oak took a deep breath, and then spoke.

"Welcome, new students! Welcome to the Pokemon Academy! Here lies the finest, state-of-the-art resources that you can use for your education. You will be taking classes revolving around many things, but that will be explained later. The first thing we need to do is get everyone their first Pokemon! How does that sound?"

The students all showed their enthusiasm, and Oak continued to talk.

"Well, that great! Just grab your things and follow me, if you will!" Professor Oak gestured for the group to follow him. He led them away from the front entrance, and took them on a small path that broke of from the main one. The path was made of stones and was very windy. Ryukaa tripped over at least twice before the path led to a wide meadow. The meadow had bright green grass, and there was a forest right next to the clearing.

"Okay everyone, this is what's going to happen. This is where you catch your first Pokemon! To the right of me you see the Novice Forest. You have until six o'clock to capture your first Pokemon. If you fail to do so you will be given a Pokemon by me. It won't be that much of a Pokemon, so I suggest you find one yourself. You can place your luggage on the grass, it won't be taken by any wild Pokemon."
Oak took of his backpack and unzipped it. Out came several Pokeballs. Actually, there were like Pokeball's, but with an S in the center.

"These are starter balls," Oak explained. "They will capture any Pokemon in that forest with ease, so you don't have to battle them. Just find the one you like the most and throw your ball! To capture a Pokemon just press the release buttons and throw it at your target, easy! You only have one Starter Ball, though, so make it count!" Okay clapped his hands together enthusiastically.

"Oh, and there shouldn't be any danger in there, the forest was made for beginners. Is that all? Great, I'll be back at six to see how you've all done. You may begin!"

The students all hurried to lay down their luggage and collect a Starter Ball while Ryukaa and Impo took their time. Finally reaching for their Starter Balls when the rest of the class had eagerly ran into the forest, Ryukaa began to talk.

"Hmmm... so four hours to catch one Pokemon? That seems a little generous, don't you think?"

"Yeah, it's a little weird. But at least we'll have time to catch a good one," Impo replied.

"It doesn't look like there's any strong Pokemon in there though," Ryukaa said, disheartened.

"Well, as Oak said, we're beginners. We can't handle much right now, can we?"

"Maybe..." Ryukaa was distracted from the conversation, looking opposite the forest.

"Impo, do you see that?" He finally said, pointing in the direction he was staring.

"Yeah... kinda," Impo replied. If one were to look opposite the forest and continue that way, the soft grass looked as if it turned into rocks and rubble. From the distance it seemed it was the base of a volcano, as there was a stream of molten lava visible from where the two were standing.

"Remember what Ross said? About 'the Academy having all different kinds of Pokemon'? I bet we'll find some awesome fire types there!" Ryukaa shouted enthusiastically.

"Yeah! We'll be the only ones in the class with them!" Impo responded, with a hint of excitement. The two began to walk in the direction of the volcano, but were stopped by a Tauros. The two jumped backwards in fear while the three-tailed bull stood in the path, digging its' hoof into the grass. Impo and Ryukaa began to cower, but the Tauros began to glow red and suddenly dematerialized.

"Well, that seems to have caught your attention."

Both Impo and Ryukaa gasped and turned around, facing Professor Oak. He placed a Pokeball from his hand into his trench-coat, pulling a smile.

"I hope the both of you understand that I meant for you to catch your Pokemon in the forest? The volcano is too dangerous for you at this time, and the Pokemon there won't be caught by a beginner carrying a Starter Ball."

"Oh, yeah. Sorry, heh heh," Ryukaa stuttered. Impo just stared at the Professor's feet, too scared to talk.

"Tut tut. Hurry off now, you still need to get your first Pokemon. Need I not remind you to wander off to the volcanoes. The Pokemon in the forest are more suitable for your level of... experience. Off you go now."

And with that, the Professor turned and began to walk towards the Academy's doors.

"Well, I don't think we got off on the right foot. Do you?" Ryukaa questioned.

"Yeah, definitely. His Tauros was happy, too." Impo replied sarcastically. The two laughed and ran into the forest, hoping to find some decent Pokemon.


Well, that's it until Chapter Three.
Please, please, please comment or critique, just so I know if someone's actually reading this.
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