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Start Game: Fire Red

Picked Charmander, got myself some pokeballs caught myself a lvl 3 omanyte... fml.
Grinded it until omanyte grew to level 13 and it learned a move that did damage! It learned bite
Beat down viridian forest, into pewter gym and beat down the trainer in my way with bite.

1st badge. 1 hit geodude with bite, 2 hit onyx with bite, now level 16.

Beat every trainer that stood in my way until i made it to cerulean city.
Beat nugget bridge and every trainer to bills house..

2nd badge, 1 hit staryu, 2 hit starmie.

Beat every trainer to ss anne then beat every trainer there.

3rd badge, Kinda scary, electric types voltorb paralyzed me first hit . 1 hit him, 1 hit pikachu, 3 hit that bastard Raichu, nearly got me there.

Did everything up to the 4th gym, beating everyone in my way..

4th badge, Grass.. another problem.. So was outsped by victreebel who decided to then paralyze me and giga drain me.. Survived that and killed it with 2 hits, 1 hit tangela.. Giga drained by vileplume 25 hp left after that Got a crit and killed her thank god. 4th badge is min!

Omastar lvl 50
Rock Slide
Mud Shot
Water Gun
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