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    Originally Posted by DarkDoom3000 View Post
    I like the plot. sounds interesting.

    How are pokemon gonna be handled? Can they be caught?
    also, human v human!?
    Pokémon are going to be handled as nothing but enemies. A mere threat to humans existence. Yes human v human like final fantasy where you go agaisnt monsters and sometimes humans :3
    Pokémon cannot be caught however ... a "good" pokémon appears in the game

    Mini Update # 1

    Winter! ;D Through the game some places will be blocked by Water or other obstacles. You will recieve a Elementra Stone which chages the seasons depending of the element you have inside it. :3

    as you can see from a previous screen shot snow covers the newly frozen water ... but only some of the water will freeze. If you want to access more you need to use summer.!
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