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    Originally Posted by DrFuji View Post
    Congratulations on finally getting HotM mate :P

    The dedication you have put into this hack is amazing and your 'event Pokemon' idea is pretty unique in itself (I hope to see this continue in the future). I love the idea of varied sidequests as it really does make the game longer and gives the player a sense of accomplishment. This hack is by far, one of Progressing Hacks biggest stand outs for me.

    Keep on truckin' and crank out that beta.
    Thanks. It surprises me that not many other hacks have the event pokemon feature implemented as it's fairly easy to implement.

    As you can see from the progress checklist I'm making a lot of headway with this hack. I just got through editing all of the Pokemon movesets [mainly Johto & Kanto as their FR movesets were atrocious]. I've inserted 70% of the trainer sprites so far. Then I'll be adding the Ow's. That said this hack should start pumping out fresh updates before the end of the month. Also with the first major update I'll introduce a new feature as well as revealing a list of the Event Pokemon [along with their release date and acquisition conditions] that are going to be released when the updated alpha is released. Hang tight =3

    To Do:
    Currently In Progress; Done
    • Edit movesets, TM/HM data
    • Insert Trainer Sprites
    • Restore OW's
    • Restore World Map
    • Insert remaining ASM Routines
    • Restore Maps
    • Rescript up to Emerald Town

    *When every thing on this list is done I will issue a proper release*
    The return of Pokemon Shattered Dreams! Click the screenshot to visit the thread, you know you want to.