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    I honestly think that this whole "laziness" thing is an excuse for people to prevent others from taking a more convenient route.

    True. Scripting via hand code is more versatile. Granted, I also know a few languages myself that are utilized in this way (HTML, CSS, bit of Java, etc.). But saying "Oh... I don't like this because it promotes laziness for those who don't wanna code..." is simply distasteful. Please stop with the negativity and grow up. At least this guy is trying to help others with something to make our lives easier in this wretched world. Is that to wrong to accept?

    On another note, for those who are saying that. I am just starting out with making my own hack aside from a busy lifestyle (college) and I want something that will help me get my feet into the water with this pokescript. I prefer to work out the basics of what I wanna do in my hack and then expound that with the more flashy stuff. In essence, using this program for the basics and then maybe some advanced sripts here and there where necessary. But doing so makes me a lazy person? I don't believe so. Also doing a one-man hack, so high fives bigboi!

    Now I'm not no coding guru, expert, fanatic, or any of the sort. Neither do I plan to have an "unquenched thirst for knowing ALL there is on the most advanced techniques of POKESCRIPT!" For my goal in my hack, my focus is more on the story, and not a "Look what I can do." Sort of thing with hacks. Maybe we all can have that mindset.

    Moral of this story folks? If you have nothing constructive to say about the program. Don't waste your finger-time posting at all. Case in point. Jeez it's freaking called pokescriptHELPER, not something like


    Keep your britches on.

    I haven't even downloaded the thing yet. For the creator of this program. Keep up the good work man for even thinking about this and speeding up my hack time.
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