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    Oh, oh, oh, your comic was just...AWESOMELY HILARIOUS. LURVZ IT. DO MORE.

    Oh, and, uh...

    I came out today. To my parents. They received it very well. I wrote a note to my mom, upon my request she called my dad, and on his way there, my mom and I talked and I explained. My dad took me to Dairy Queen and got me ice cream, and we talked about it too. I was comfortable. We talked as a family (my little bro was at Camp Fitch, THANK GOD) and then my Dad went to go tell my stepmom at their house. My mom told her boyfriend over the phone, and he said that it didn't matter who I was inside. He didn't think any different of me.

    I am sooooo relieved that all of the major people who need to know know now, and that they all understand. I have a meeting with the nearest professional, and we'll go from there. My parents are cutting me off whenever I say I'm sure, but we're on hypos like "if we start hormones..." and "I'll pay for this, she'll pay for that..." and all of it. I'm a lot happier NOW. I have to wait until this is all over and see how THAT feels!

    /wall of text that bores you but is the best thing I've ever written

    I'm happy. :3
    Life on Earth is like a man's shadow; it is something to compare the reality to.

    The saying "if life gives you lemons, make lemonade" means to make the best of what you have; but what if you don't enjoy lemonade?

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