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    Originally Posted by MareBear View Post
    This sounds like an awesome challenge. I'll do this alongside my Black Nuzlocke run.

    Name: MareBear
    Games: Red, Crystal, Emerald, Platinum, Black
    Types: No preferences

    I probably won't update much, but I'll try. And if you can give me Pokes that I can get before the third gym, that would be much appreciated! =]
    Pokemon you get before the 3rd gym in each region? Okay, how about this:
    RED: Ekans -> Arbok (available before Cerulean)
    CRYSTAL: Phanphy -> Donphan (available south of Blackburn city, but able to get before 1st gym. Before Cherrygrove even)
    EMERALD: Whismur -> Exploud
    PLATINUM: Cranidos -> Rampardos (or Buneary -> Lopunny if that isn't possible)
    BLACK: Pansage -> Simisage

    Well there we go, hope that's all good. And remember, 1 redraw!

    While I'm here, I may as well give an update on my Leaf Green run with Exeggutor:
    -defeated rockets all 4 times in the game now, beaten all gyms up to 6th
    -caught 30 different pokemon so I could get the Itemfinder, get some PP Ups for later in the game
    -about to head to Cinnabar from Pallet Town

    KANTO the Exeggutor

    Female, Mild
    level 64
    Leech Seed
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