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    I am male, and I'm a huge fan of his. I personally adore villains that use thought as a weapon. People that think differently and seek to change people's behavior for their gain, or "saving the world from itself" plots are very cool to me as not enough games use them.

    On the reason why he "keeps" them. If you noticed all of his battles, he uses pokemon you can catch in the zone you fight him, and then in the next battle he doesn't have any of the same pokemon. So you nca assume he sets thme free after battling you. He also seems to only battle you to figure out what you are thinking, and how you treat your pokemon. Since he was raised that humans abused pokemon or vice versa.

    He's special to me because all the other "villians" in pokemon games are overtly so. Archer, Maxie, Giovanni, Cyrus, they're all the classic "evil" trying to take over the world, or the universe. N has no such goals, he wishes to set pokemon free from their oppressors, though he was mislead, his goals are so entirely different from any other major bad guys I give him the credit of being special in that sense.
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