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Ren fought the urge to glance at Elly – Felicia, he corrected himself – keeping his eyes fixed on the big man. To be honest, once Elly had presented him with his choices, there was no real way he could have refused. He didn't like it, especially as it had been sprung on him so suddenly, but that was just how things were sometimes. Sometimes you have to make choices that determine the future at the drop of a hat, his father had once told him. Sometimes it's your own life, sometimes it's someone else's. But whatever the case, you have to take the choice that's best in the long term. Just because you don't think about it for as long doesn't make it any less important or more foolish.
I actually like that part there. Good advice.

Hahaha over Celia and Ren. Poor Ren kept being asked if he and Elly had done it, LOL. His reaction over Celia's mention of Steven and Elly is priceless too.

Ack, not much really happened this chapter, hence the short review. D: I'm still looking forward to the next chapter, though!

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