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    Might make this real. It's just another Nuzlocke. Documenting this here.
    1. Set the battle mode on Set (you cannot switch after you defeat an enemy).
    2. Do not capture any Pokemon if you do not have an empty slot in your team.
    3. Defeat all legendaries. That's right. Defeat them.
    4. Capture only one Pokemon per route / area. This Pokemon must be the first one encountered, even if you already have it. If you fail to capture it, you cannot capture anymore Pokemon in that area.
    5. Nickname all captured Pokemon.
    6. No deleting HMs. Ever.
    7. Do not use items other than X-items and assorted Poke Balls. Heal Balls are okay.
    8. To heal, you must use the Pokemon Center. Follow these steps:
      • Before healing, count the number of injured Pokemon (Pokemon that are not at max HP, even if it's just 1 damage; Pokemon that have a harmful status).
      • Purchase items from the PokeMart equal to the number of injured Pokemon:
        • 0 Badges: Free
        • 1 Badge: Buy Potions
        • 3 Badges: Buy Super Potions
        • 5 Badges: Buy Hyper Potions
        • 7 Badges: Buy Max Potions
        • 8 Badges: Buy Full Restores
      • Do not under any circumstances use these potions.
      • If you don't have enough money, suck it up and get some.
    9. Do not ever use a Nurse / Doctor NPC to heal more than once. Do not use the optional lodgings.
    10. Only box a Pokemon that is fully healed. If it isn't, then consider it dead. Release it. If healing is too expensive, you can kill off your Pokemon to cheapen the cost for the rest of your party.
    11. If a Pokemon faints, it dies. Release it.
    12. All Pokemon faint? Game over. Restart.

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