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    The Fire Emblem community has jumped over to the UPS format, which was designed as an improvement to the IPS system for hackers (since IPS wasn't originally made for hacking anyways).

    This is a UPS patching tool made by a personal friend of mine. I can't make an IPS patch because the ROM is expanded over 16MB (one of those limitations with IPS patches), and I don't like using stealthpatch's icky and buggy dual-patch system (which is, to my knowledge, the only way for IPS patches to work on files over 16MB). Sorry for all this hacking wonk stuff, but it's hugely beneficial for me to just use the UPS format (heck, it's useful for any hacker, I've got no idea why the archaic IPS is dominant around here). I hope you'll take a moment, download NUPS and then proceed to enjoy the hack :).
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