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Originally Posted by jab2033 View Post
Why did everything get changed all of a sudden? I had this request in the original Request a Moveset thread in S&M, then I find out S&M is gone within hours of posting...


Looking for an Infernape set for the last two slots. Gen IV OU by the way...

Infernape @Expert Belt
66 Atk / 252 SpAtk / 192 Spe
-Close Combat

There are three options I'm leading towards:

A)Thunderpunch + HP Ice
B)Grass Knot + HP Ice
C)HP Grass + Earthquake

I'm leaning most towards option A, as that set hits 12/17 types super-effectively and gives me grounds to use the Expert Belt. It's a nice compromise between the Choice items and the Life Orb. I don't want to have to deal with the recoil (The Ape is frail as it is) and I like having the freedom to pick my moves without having to switch.

Thunderpunch can also OHKO Gyarados and can do more damage to Suicune and Vaporeon than Grass Knot...
I'm not the greatest with Gen IV but I'd rather use Thunderpunch, yes. Gyarados is generally the main switch-in to Infernape afaik and being able to KO it off the bat is great... though I think Grass Knot actually does do more to Suicune than Thunderpunch. :x