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Okay guys. Not much feedback, but hopefully after I reveal everyone's new Pokemon maybe some people will comment? Oh well, here's chapter three:

The Pokemon Academy: Chapter Three
Starring Impo, ~Ryukaa, Rossay

Running into the forest, Impo and Ryukaa began to search for a Pokemon suitable for a partnership. The first thing they realized was that the Pokemon weren't all lining up in plain sight. You had to physically search for them. In the grass up to your knees, thick trees and prickly bushes. And when you found one, it wasn't always going to eagerly accept being under a trainer's care. Which Ryukaa soon found out, when a Weedle sprayed him with string shot for disturbing its peace.

"Arrrggghhhh!" Ryukaa spluttered, while Impo laughed. Ryukaa then threw his Starter Ball at Impo, which hit him square in the back of the head. It was Ryukaa's turn to laugh, while Impo watched bemused. The two continued to joke around for a long time, until Ryukaa looked at his watch.

"Wow, Impo! It's already five! We've only got one hour to catch our Pokemon!"
The two began to panic and look for Pokemon. A Yanma flew past them, and Ryukaa's eyes gleamed.

"Mine!" He called, chasing after the insect. "See you at six, Impo!"

"Good luck!" Impo shouted after him.

Impo continued his search alone, walking with speed, trying to find a Pokemon he liked. He soon passed several trees and trainers walking back to the meadow when he reached a pond. Impo hurried to the waters edge and tried to search for a Pokemon. There were several Magikarp swimming happily in the water, but Impo didn't like them. He searched for a little longer before beginning to circle the ponds perimeter. He was concentrating so hard on the water he didn't notice Rossay, and he bumped into him. Rossay almost fell in the water, but he regained his balanced.

"Watch it!" He said, angered. His expression calmed once he saw it was Impo. "Oh, hey Impo! You caught a Pokemon yet?"

"Ummm... not yet. I haven't found one I like," Impo said, covering for his procrastination.

"What about you?"

Rossay looked as if he had only asked Impo the question so he could be asked it in return. He took out his Starter Ball and showed Impo his Pokemon. It resembled a cross between a salamander and hippopotamus. It was pink, and had a straight tail which curved at the end.

"Slowpoke! It was dipping its tail in the water and I caught it. It's kinda lazy, but I plan to work on that," Rossay said as the Slowpoke swished its tail back and worth with its eyes half closed. Rossay laughed and returned Slowpoke back into it's ball.

"You better get started on finding a Pokemon, time's almost up. And most of them fled because all the kids were like a stampede. I'm going back to the meadow. Good luck!"
Rossay waved goodbye as he walked back to the meadow. Impo sighed and continued to search among the high grass. He approached a tree and heard a cry from above.

Impo gasped as he saw a Teddiursa dangling from a bee hive. It looked like a bear cub, except with a crescent shaped mark upon it's forehead. It appeared as if it's paw was stuck when it tried to gather the honey from it. Impo gasped and ran under the Teddiursa, and it fell into his arms. The Teddiursa gratefully licked Impo's cheek, then proceeded to lick the honey from its' paws. It began to smile as the crescent mark on it's forehead began to glow.

Impo smiled, and proceeded to take out his Starter Ball. He pressed the button on it's front and the Teddiursa was caught. Impo was happy with his choice, and began to walk back to the meadow, pocketing his Teddiursa. When he reached the meadow, he saw many students talking about how they caught their new companions. A few people had even left their Pokemon out of their Starter Balls. Impo could spot a Sentret, Vulpix, Mareep and Marill just from quickly scanning the crowd. Impo quickly found Ryukaa and approached him.

"Hey Ryukaa! Did you get that Yanma?"

"Well, no," Ryukaa said. "I almost did. Funny story, really. I was chasing it, but I didn't look where I was going. I tried and accidentally let go of my Starter Ball. It hit this, and it caught it."

Ryukaa clapped his hands, and the Sentret Impo saw earlier came bounding up Ryukaa's trousers and landing oh his shoulder.

"At first I wasn't happy, but by the time I walked back here the little guy impressed me. Show 'em, go on!" Ryukaa instructed his Pokemon, laying it on the ground. His Sentret tucked its stubby arms into its stomach and curled it's tail over its head. It began to roll around Ryukaa in the shape of a ball, then unfurled at his feet, looking very dizzy.

"Awesome, huh?" Ryukaa said, picking up his Sentret and tickling its stomach. Sentret released a cute giggle and placed its hands on its stomach.

"What Pokemon did you find?" Ryukaa asked, placing Sentret back on his shoulder.

Impo took out his Starter Ball and pressed the release button, and Teddiursa emerged
on the grass, still licking it's paws.

"I found it when it was stuck on a tree," Impo explained.

"Cool," Ryukaa exclaimed, "but what can it do?"

"I dunno yet, lets see..." Impo said, moving back to give Teddiursa some space. Impo and Ryukaa watched intently as Teddiursa suddenly stopped licking its paws, and looked up. Their expectations were lowered as Teddiursa burped, then went on to resume licking the honey residue.

"Well... it'll do something soon," Ryukaa said, matter-of-factly. "Hey! The Professor's coming! It must be six already!"

The figure of Professor Oak was steadily approaching the meadow, ready to instruct them further.


So, yeah, as per usual, please, please, please comment and critique, so I know someone is actually reading this.
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