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    Hack name: Pokémon Purple Version

    Hack of: Gold

    Additional information about the hack: It is a Gold version hack involving Team Rocket. I know Team Rocket has been done before but I am attempting it through Gold, as well as sticking only with Kanto and revolving around Red's story in Pokemon Red. There is a story twist but I doubt I will be finishing it anytime soon.

    Finished percentage: 5%

    Your hacking skills: Very little. I can do basic HEX editing.

    What help or skill you're looking for: Sprites. Specifically, the main player's Trainer Backsprite. I might ask other information but what I really need is just a few backsprites for a trainer in GSC.

    Additional contact information: [email protected] or Private Message at PC

    Additional information: I am willing to learn other things, but I need a regular correspondent if so. I would prefer not to learn spriting as I think I should learn other things before. And I do not need a bunch, I only need a few, good quality sprites.