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Originally Posted by Mew~ View Post
Woah, not sure I'm liking this animation, Archen looks pretty ugly.

... Did you even take a look at the preview yet, or the title infact? Kenshin has it right before your post. xD

Heh, I know that, I'm usually the one saying it. I was explaining that I was wondering how they were going to interpret it. But in this case it does seem to be that anyway, it's gonna evolve and fly. xD
It did fly or flutter at the end of the preview although he wasn't up in the air too long.
Originally Posted by AshPikastar View Post
I can probably see Iris catching Archeops. This episode doesn't look that bad although I'm not really looking forward to this episode. I might watch it to see what happens though.
I can also see Iris with it. But I still don't see this as a capture episode(would I love a capture here, yes). And that's how I thought about Episode 38.

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