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    I guess I'll hop on. I lost my version of White, so I need something to do while I find the money to replace it. :'(

    Name: Poopnate

    GenI - Leaf Green
    GenII - Crystal (emulated)
    GenIII - Emerald (emulated if I can't find my old copy)
    GenIV - Platinum
    GenV - White (when I can replace it)

    Monotype - NO!

    For LG, I can NOT hack, so if it is something late in the game, could I please get a Redraw until I get something that's possible without using my usual Redraw?

    Edit: I decided I'll do my own list using the Random Generator that Zeus linked (thank you ). My list is:

    LG: NidoranF
    Crystal: Hoothoot
    Emerald: Mudkip
    Platinum: Turtwig
    White: Venipede

    If my list doesn't seem legit, feel free to give me a new one. I won't be very far at all with any of the games, so I don't mind starting over. I wouldn't mind a Flying Monotype if you give me a new list, but if you don't, I'll just go Non-Monotype with the list I have.
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