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Okay, thank you everyone for all the feedback, here's Chapter Four

Pokemon Academy: Chapter Four
Starring Impo, ~Ryukaa, Rossay

Professor Oak approached the group, grinning in satisfaction.

"Ah, I know those smiles! That's the 'I caught-my-first-ever-Pokemon' smile! I take it you had fun catching your first Pokemon?"

His question was met with several cheers and nods.

"That's great. Okay, did anyone not find a Pokemon?"

Two people raised their hands. One was a female, and she looked rather scared. The other was a rather relaxed male.

"Oh, that's too bad. We'll get that fixed soon. But I believe everyone put in a good effort today, so now let's relax with some dinner! If you'll all follow me to the Main Hall, leave your things here, they shall be taken care of." Oak motioned for the group to follow, and everyone recalled their Pokemon back in their balls and did so.

Impo hadn't noticed it until now, but he was famished. The last time he ate was before he was on the train, which was more than five hours ago. The group made it back to the front of the Academy and entered through the iron-clad doors and Professor Oak pushed them open. The group came into view of a large room. If Impo had to guess, it was probably twice as big as most restaurants. There were three large tables in a row, and a large one where all the food and cutlery occupied was resting against a wall. The aroma of freshly cooked pasta filled Impo's nostrils.

"Okay, everyone! I see fit you fill your bellies! Then we shall explain more of your education afterward," Oak announced, allowing the students to grab their food.

The students, ravenous from catching their first Pokemon, raced to the buffet and piled their plates full of food. That night pasta was on the menu, and Impo got a sample of almost every kind. He and Ryukaa gathered their plates and sat on the end of one of the long tables.

"Spaghetti, macaroni, ravioli! I'm gonna enjoy this meal!" Ryukaa exclaimed, digging his fork into his plate.

"Hear Hear!" Impo said joyfully, following Ryukaa's actions.

There wasn't much talking, as everyone was filling their mouths full of food. After ninety minutes of eating, and triple helpings, the students were bursting with food. Professor Oak noticed the students were finished eating, and began to talk.

"Okay, now that everyone is full, I think it's time to discuss lessons. Starting tomorrow everyone will have lessons after breakfast. It is mandatory for you all to attend them. The schedule for your classes is in your dormitories. You'll also find your belongings, a personal computer and a personal Pokedex for you to keep, to aid you in your education. The seven lessons you will partake in are Culture and Media, History, Art, Battling, Cooking, General Studies and Potions. I hope you have brought all the things you need from home, as was asked. Now I swiftly ask you to retreat into your dormitories! There are signs to help you reach your destination, just follow the outside the door to the left!"

The students began to slowly arise from their seats and make their way to the door. Impo and Ryukaa got there first, and followed the signs to their designated dormitories.

"Yes Impo! We're in the same dorm!" Ryukaa cheered, arriving inside and jumping on his four-poster bed.

"Yeah, awesome, huh? But who's the third person?" Impo asked, noticing the third bed.

His question was not unanswered for long, as Rossay walked through the door shortly after.

"Oh, hey guys! We're all sharing a room. Cool," Rossay said, walking over to his bed.

"Looks like all our stuff is on our beds," Rossay said.

"Uh oh," Ryukaa quickly jumped off his bed, his Pokedex sticking to his back.

"Haha, you better pray it's not broken!" Impo laughed, releasing Teddiursa on his bed. Impo then took his Pokedex and timetable in his hands.

"Wow, look how cool this thing is!" Ryukaa exclaimed, peeling his Pokedex off his back.

It was rectangular in structure and had a screen at the top. It could be flipped to reveal a touch pad, and there was a light above the screen. He then released his Sentret onto his bed, where it began to roll over the sheets.

"Please place thumb on touch pad."

Rossay jumped. He had flipped open his Pokedex, turning it on. He placed his thumb on the Pokedex and watch as a light ran up and down under the screen.

"Please say your name."

"Rossay," he said, loud and clear so it wouldn't be misinterpreted.

"Hello Rossay."

"Hmmm... I suspect that that's there to prevent people from opening it apart from the owner." Rossay began to navigate through his Pokedex, being amazed at its technology.

"Guys, look! It's shows your Pokemon, and every single one you've seen! And it has a flashlight!"

Rossay was indulged in his Pokedex while Impo and Ryukaa compared timetables. Taking Rossay's timetable in his hand, Ryukaa noticed something.

"Wow, we have all the same classes!"

"Cool! Looks like the first lesson is General Studies in classroom number one," Impo said. "I wonder how we find our classroom..."

"Well, use the map on the back," Rossay said, flipping his Pokedex shut and turning over the timetables Ryukaa was holding.

"Oh, fair enough," Ryukaa said, throwing Impo's timetable back on his bed.

"Ahhh! No!" Impo gasped, realizing his Teddiursa had been chewing merrily on a corner of his Pokedex for at least five minutes. He snatched all his things away from his now teary-eyed Pokemon, and gave it a comforting belly scratch.

"Well, let's go to bed. We can worry about everything in the morning," Impo said, making a small bed for his Teddiursa inside his backpack.

"Night all," Ryukaa said, taking out a hat from his luggage and placing his Sentret in it.

"Good Night," Rossay concluded. The three then put on their pajamas's and went to bed.


Well, that's it. It's more of a filler chapter, to explain a little about how the school works and such, but I tried to make it enjoyable.

As usual, please give me comments and feedback.
And don't forget I need people to play some roles, so if you would like to be a part of the story please post here!
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