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Originally Posted by miltankRancher View Post
I think it should be everyone.

placed rather than replaced. Or better yet,

everyone recalled their Pokemon back to their balls

I understand that this is a typographical error, but I need to point it out. Those kinds of errors are the easiest to overlook.

Then we shall explain more of your education afterwards," Oak announced

That night, pasta was on the menu
Ah, thank you will all the grammar help. Though I don't believe the last one was a mistake (it's not a sub-ordinate clause or something).

I love how high-tech the Pokedex is, with fingerprint recognition, and voice recognition. And, I'm getting interested with Potions. What shall they study in Potions? Looking forward for chapter five.
Haha, yes. I couldn't think of a suitable name for it, so Potions is a lesson of something. I won't spoil it for you.

And, I was counting back the hours when you said that he last ate before boarding the train, when you said it was five hours ago. Four hours were spent during the Poke-hunt, and almost 15 minutes for the happenings after boarding the train and before eating. So technically, the train station is a 45-minute ride from the academy. Just saying.
Yep! Mr. Smart, aren't you!
Thank you for the comment! I will began to write Chapter Five tomorrow (after I finish their timetables)
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