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Originally Posted by Yuoaman View Post
Is it just me or is this game a series of barely connected events occurring in something even native Engrish speakers would find hard to decipher?
That is a pretty large possibility, true.

If you think that's scary...wait until we encounter the guy's evolutions. =(

Anyways, Telefang now proudly presents...

Part Ten: THE SEA
Or a guide to remembering it.

So last off Bek was being a wuss and failing to escape from a sea e-monster because 'Nowhere to escape!'. Somehow.

Yes, Bek, yes it is.

Or, well, ok to jump at any rate.

You heard the blue foul-mouthed vase-like sprite, Bek. Wonder what he wants to tell Bek, besides 'stop being stupid'. one does. But he has a point - someone mentioned that there's no shop here.


Well, tried to say as much anyway.

Fine, we'll pay attention to you.

Well what's in it for us?

...So if we don't then we can't go swimming here.

Normally you'd have to go all the way back to first village to buy the 'game machine' for him. Luckily way back beyond the fourth wall in the 3rd part we already did that!



I guess we might as well. It didn't even have batteries.

Here, you sea e-monster, I hope you enjoy it.

Wait no why are you jumping on it.

Why would you break it gosh that cost me forty balls! (It really did!) That's as many as four tens, and that's terrible.

...fine, play it the way you want to.

Hello there, Not-Vaporeon.

And...why did you give us this?

And then he disappears. Apparently we are supposed to call him to be able to go swimming.

They sure do. Then they swear at you, ask for presents and jump on them before giving you their phone number.

Well screw you Not-Vaporeon, we can swim - err, walk in the ocean ourselves! Maybe we'll call you if we get in a battle.

The tune is not that great here, but oh well.

So people said the sea e-monsters were angry-

...wait, what? Go two steps and suddenly I...say what again?

But I don't even want a tree!

...well I guess a battle it is. Let's call that guy up then.

But Not-Sandslash, why did he say those things?


Good retaliation, Not-Sandslash.

Maybe he knows?

Sometime in battles, you'll get called by the creatures you call up, and they'll give you a message. For some reason it cuts short unless you mash the A button really quickly and have super-hyper-fast reading skills. The gist of it though is 'lol I'm going to be late' and they don't show up for a few more turns. Most annoying!

And this guy always does this. I bet he is too busy jumping on his game. >:[

However Not-Sandslash is very good at killing sea (water) types, so these battles are easy.

And then he disappears.

And...that's what happens in the sea. You walk about (because swimming is boring in the ocean), get shouted at by random monsters about trees and then they swear and shout 'remember it!'.

And just to put the icing on the cake the bomb-loving guy decides to call me again! I'm not sure why I'm getting so many calls from him...

My brain, it is melting.

Luckily the wild random encounters (ie battles not caused by someone shouting at you) don't involve swearing.

Translation - 'I accidentally the directions so I'm going to be late! :D'. Oh well, we can beat this guy too without-



I can't blame you there.

What just happened is why Mantea is actually a pretty interesting e-monster. That move is called SHOUT which basically gives the status of (being) 'afraid' to the opponent which renders them unable to do anything.

Although the effect is only temporary...

...that in itself takes up a whole turn. It's a nasty move, although wonderful if you abuse it yourself. =D

FINALLY whyever are you late!?

Well then don't jump on your flipper next time, gosh.

What moves do you have anyway?

BITE does minor damage as this guy's attack sucks, COLDGAS is a lame status and RESUME is minor healing.

Well you're boring. We don't really need you anyways as Bek can apparently walk on water.

Not-Sandslash can kill stuff in one hit anyway here!

Oh hey he was also a high level AND gave us his phone number. Excellent. You are our new best friend, pink tentacle cow thing.

These sea e-monsters are not that bad after all!

I spoke too soon.

Why won't you listen to me!? I don't want your stupid trees.

Pointless trying to reason with these guys. This one is pretty poor defensively.

I don't want to remember that! =(


Overkill is always nice. (They don't even have 64 HP never mind 128).

Yaaaaaay lots of stat boosts this time around.

Why does everyone keep saying that?

You guys suck.


No, seriously, just look at that thing for a moment. Then turn away. Back to Fishman.

Unfortunately, he's also weak.

And rude like the others.

Meanwhile in 'other reasons why MANTEA is cool'!

Essentially it can hide and avoid being hit for a turn or few. Kinda pointless if it's on its own as it can't attack during hiding, but potentially useful if you have it in a team and the opponent tried to attack it.

You suck, LILIAO(B). (Whyever it shortens their name in battles is beyond me).

Now, I COULD repeat what happened here over and over besides the interesting parts throughout this whole trip, or I could give you the condensed version of what happens.

I'm opting for the latter.

This line sums up Bamu Sea basically!

So I spent a bit of time grinding. Not that I had much choice:


Some weren't very bright though.


After that straightforward battle though:

Wait, what? Well... let's do it!


AOKUTERU! The...taller pink elephant tentacle thing!

More stats are gained with evolution and sometimes new/replaced/renamed moves. It's generally useful to have your creature evolve.

What useful advice shall we get now?


Now, at one point in THE SEA, you can go either right or left. The former leads you this this door (in the middle of the ocean mind you) which is locked. Oh well, time to backtrack a bit.

During that we got this guy's help too!

I can't say I know exactly how that works...

Going to the left leads you up to this guy.

Amazingly he doesn't ramble at you about forgetting pain from wounds and whatnot! This guy is basically the nicest guy you will meet here.

Ignoring the fact that there's a tree in the middle of the ocean and the completely left-field-ness of this bit of news (what guy?), a bit of thought can possibly explain the ranting of everyone else - they naturally assume you were the guy who was going to go wood-chopping. For some reason.

...and Bek seems to have a swollen ego now. T mildew if you remember is a term for people who use 'e-monsters well' - basically good trainers here. But Not-Sandslash has done all of the work, Bek, not you. Besides:

You're a coward Bek.

Apparently the other guy, whoever he is, is pretty good. Not good news for Bek.

At least Bek knows the right question to ask here.

The jump is for the fact this guy realises Bek has allowed himself to again be the hero of the day. What luck for him! You'd think Bek would have figured this out by now. I guess that door has the tree behind it. But how do we unlock it? =/ Remember Bek, we don't have a key for it and it was certainly locked.


No, that's being lazy of you and also avoiding the issue. The 'usual way' is locked and you clearly don't have the key or you would have given it to us. Besides, this is a piece of cake!

That showed him what a piece of cake was. Now tell us already what to do if you're too lazy to do it yourself already, without lying.

Oh, NOW he says it's difficult! How about that.

Wait cave I though we were talking about saving a tree?


Interesting choice of password if I do say so myself.

Everyone depends on Bek - he is the world's buttmonkey!

Well I guess we should check out that house that needed a password then! To get to a cave...for some reason. This game sure likes to skip over the details.

Blah blah password let us in already.

Translation - press A for no reason before walking in!

But I was just in the sea!

Floating island...? Wait, I though you'd just take me to the place-

And then Bek seriously trips out, as the onslaught of engrish finally takes its toll on him.

THE SEA is continued in the next update, whenever that'll be! Did that make much sense to anyone when the wound heal? You say it again! Remember it!