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So since i cant always check this thread.
You can /like you always have. Request/Join A duel. And when the 2 (or 3) duelist agree. Have one of them send me a VM with the duelist's names and the general theme that they want:
-Overshade / Pillow Shade
-Theres many more! Who knows I may even allow/do unique spriting duels such as Iso, Pixel Overs, and non-pokemon such as trainers and overworlds. Even tiles!

If you have any questions you can VM, hope you all have a nice day and duels ;P
..Ill get working on the current duel now.

PAD #7: Humm96 vs. Hi-Techneon GSC Devamp

And I would also like to apologize for the wrong title, and the style issue in the last duel.