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Great news, guys! After some badgering of Forever, I finally got the OK to include her in my fanfic! This was mainly due to the absence of females so far, so I thought I could include one. Now if only I can badger Signomi into saying yes....
Also with a neat cameo from bobandbill, he'll be something of an odd character, to say the least!

Pokemon Academy: Chapter Five

Starring Impo, ~Ryukaa, Rossay, Forever, bobandbill

The next morning, Impo, Ryukaa and Rossay awoke to the sound of loud beeping

"Argh! What's that?" Ryukaa said, putting his fingers in his ears. He looked at his Sentret, who jumped out of its bed (Ryukaa's hat) and motioned towards Ryukaa's Pokedex.

"Sen! Sentret!"

Ryukaa picked it up. It's screen was flashing.

"Oh! It's an alarm," Ryukaa said, placing his thumb on the touch pad and silencing it. Impo and Rossay did the same to thiers, and the noise ceased.

It was seven in the morning, and according to their timetables, breakfast was being served in half and hour. The three prepared themselves for classes and then went to the Dining Hall for breakfast. Bacon and Eggs were being served.

"So, what do you think General Studies is going to be like?" Ryukaa asked in between mouthfuls of egg.

"I dunno, but I doubt it will be that special," Impo said, "I'm looking forward to the double lesson of Battling after it."

"We won't be doing anything special," Rossay reminded them, cutting his bacon. "We'll probably learn the basics first, then we'll do some actual battling."

"Oh," Impo's enthusiasm dropped dramatically. "That sucks."

"Yeah," Rossay said, "but we still have a whole day of other things! Let's go!"

The three finished their breakfast and went back to their dormitories to get their things for their lesson.

"Let's see... Pokedex, Pokemon, writing book and something to write with," Rossay listed, grabbing everything as he said them. Impo and Ryukaa found all their utensils and the three then traveled to 'Classroom 1', where the General Studies class was being held. The door to the room was ajar, and the three entered. The room was like a normal classroom. Desks lined up in rows across the room, with a teacher's desk at the front of the room and a projector projecting information onto a whiteboard on the front wall of the classroom. There was also a man in the classroom, arranging the information on the whiteboard in a bored fashion.

"Well, ten minutes early!" He said, noticing their arrival, "that's great! I like enthusiasm. I'm Professor Bob Bill, I teach General Studies and History here at the Pokemon

Impo and Ryukaa exchanged grins at the sound of the Professor's name, but managed to not laugh. Rossay, on the other hand, seemed entranced by the images the projector transmitted to the wall. Other students soon filled the classroom, and Impo, Ryukaa and Rossay chose three seats at the back of the class.

General Studies wasn't exactly difficult. The only thing discussed that lesson were Pokemon Statuses and what the initials HP and PP stood for. Most of the students already knew everything being said, and most just slumped in their seats, bored out of their brains. The only person remotely interested in the lesson was Rossay, who was scribbling notes after every sentence Professor Bill said. Nonetheless, when the bell rang the whole class jumped, surprised.

"Okay class, that's all for today. Farewell!" Professor Bill said, waving goodbye as the class exited his classroom. The group of students then walked back to the meadow where they all met after catching their Pokemon to be greeted by their next teacher. Their next teacher was a female, who had her brown hair done up in a neat bun. She wore green shorts and a white tank top under her white cloak.

"Greetings! I am Professor Juniper! I see you are all here and eager to start your first lesson of Battling, so may I ask everyone to take out their Pokedexes and Pokemon and I'll sort you into pairs using the role!"

The meadow was soon full of Pokemon and soon the whole class was sorted into pairs. Rossay and Ryukaa were paired together while Impo was chosen to go with a girl called Nica. Nica was a girl with blond hair and green eyes. She was wearing a short blue skirt and a t-shirt with a paw print on it. Beside her was a Lillipup energetically waving its tail. Impo's Teddiursa slowly approached Lillipup, but it playfully barked and jumped into Teddiursa, knocking him to the floor.

"Hi!" Nica said waving enthusiastically, "I'm Nica!"

"Hey, I'm Impo," Impo said in return.

Before they had a chance to stand there in awkward silence, Professor Juniper stood in front of all the groups.

"Okay guys!" She shouted, straining her voice. "Make sure everyone has space, so move around the meadow until you do! Now, everyone get their Pokedex's and go into the 'Battle' option. There will be a status screen of your Pokemon. It will have their current HP, PP, status, level and moves. And your opponents Pokemon and HP. Using this, you can decipher what moves your Pokemon has, and how they are doing in a battle. Considering all your Pokemon were caught in the forest, I'd say there are on average level five. For a warm-up, let's have a five minute warm-up. Okay, go!"

The groups wasted no time in beginning their battles. Nica had gotten the upper hand in the beginning of the battle, commanding her Lillipup to Tackle Impo's Teddiursa the second Professor Juniper said go. Teddiursa fell to the ground due to the impact, and regained his stance, looking rather annoyed. Soon the meadow was full of commands.

"C'mon Teddiursa! Use scratch!"

Teddiursa bared his claws and charged at Lillipup, scratching its cheek. Lillipup howled and retreated.

"Toughen up, Lillipup!" Nica encouraged, "use Leer!"

Lillpup began to stare at Teddiursa in an intimidating manner. It's eyes began to glow red and Teddiursa cowered a little.

"Use Fake Tears!" Impo ordered, and Teddiursa buried his face in his hands, tears flowing from his eyes. Lillipup lowered its guard dramatically, and even Nica ushered a quiet "Awwww!"

"Now scratch!"

Teddiursa rapidly changed from crying to attacking, this time scratching Lillipup square in the face.

"Okay guys, that's enough warming up! Come back here!"

Professor Juniper called for the class to stop and all the battling ceased. No one had noticed before, but she was now joined by another Professor.

"That was some nice battling, but now me and Professor Charon will show you a real competitive battle. But only one on one, not to fierce, now Charon?"

Professor Charon replied with a grunt, and to their crowds amusement, they armed themselves with their Pokeballs.


Okay, that's Chapter Five. I don't know about this chapter... the inclusion of Forever is super-dooper-amazing, but something about how I wrote this seems... inadequate.

As always, please, please, please comment or critique. I feed off of them.
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