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    Shining Raichu!!!!!! Thanks for the welcome. I already commented on your blog.

    How do you react when people make fun of people that aren't heterosexual?
    I get offended, and I bash them. (I usually don't argue or hit people.) Not that it happens very often. I know many homophobes, most of them try to keep their opinions to themselves when they're around me. Quite often, the homosexual people in consideration do deserve the making fun part: I mean, so many times, this friend of mine tells me that some random stranger tried to feel his "parts" in a public place. He is straight, therefore he is offended. It happens to me too.

    Why do you think they do so (religion, etc.)?
    IMO, things like religion are just excuses for the homophobia. I live in India, where majority of the people are Hindus and Muslims. As far as Hinduism is concerned, I don't think it talks about homosexuality at all, and still my country is so conservative. It is so hard for people to come out, or even discuss homosexuality seriously.
    "People hate/fear what they don't understand."