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    any ideas how to beat red on ss doing a solo with heracross lances lv48 charizard is ridiculasly hard to beat since im using a power bracer it out speeds me and air slash almost always a crit. hit and amkes me flinch how the hell am i going to beat red any ideas

    yes im going to unequipt his item before the battle despite that he will probably still be lower

    i still have a few gym badges to go(4) and heracross is level 87
    what move set should i use
    thinking of
    brick break
    aerial ace
    stone edge(to replace its current mega horn)
    either shadow claw or earthquake

    oh yeah can you use other pokemon to switch out and heal as long as they dont attack

    combind pokemon solo challenge sapphire: beautifly lv24
    mono type challenge normal

    mono type electric
    gold 1/8

    monotype water on fire red

    solo challenge: heracross soul silver lvl 100