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Originally Posted by Porygon Z View Post
Hiya guys, finally back! School's over, I'm working now, but I still have some free time.
And, I'm back with a purpose for a new challenge!

The Underestimate's Challenge

This challenge gives you the possibility to use Pokèmon that are underestimated, to say, Dunsparce, Shuckle, and similar. Obviously you can use your common sense to choose the ones to use, just avoid using things like Charizard, Mewtwo and others.
Maybe I'll provide a list made by myself of all the Pokèmon to choose, then it's your choice (if you like), or you can still have an inspiration from that, and then add some personal choices, out of the list.
So here are the rules!

1. You can use only Pokèmon that are, like the title says, underestimated. (List under the rules, if it will be)
2. Obviously, no Legendaries. You can still catch them, if you like.
3. Hacking is allowed before you get your second Gym Badge.
4. Egg trading is allowed.
5. HM Slaves are also allowed.
6. You defeat the game according the following conditions:
- R/B/Y/G/S/C/Ru/Sa/E/D/P/B/W: Defeat the Pokèmon League champion.
- FR/LG/Pt: Defeat the Pokèmon League champion twice.
- HG/SS: Defeat the Pokèmon League champion twice, and also Red.
- Colosseum/XD: Finish the main story (Someone help me with this, just to point the
finishing line).

What do you say?
Why isn't GSC's finishing point Red too?Anyways sounds nice
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