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Jambo told me to post this progress update as he can't enter to Pokécommunity.

Current Patch Progress:
Limiters (100%)
Names (100%)
Front Sprites (100%)
Back Sprites (42% - Up to and including Servine in - No shiny pallets though)
Pokémon Data (100%)
Pokédex Entries (90% - Need to edit scale for comparison for nearly all, but everything else is in)
Movesets (0%)
TM/HM Compatibilities (5%)
Evolution Data (99%) - Need to edit Eevee's reading to support 7 evos instead of 5
Evolution Types Added (99%) - Dawn Stone is slightly bugged
Icons (100%) - Might add a few extra pallets to make it work better
Cries (100%)
Footprints (0%)
Pokédex Habitat Data (100%)
New Base Exp System (80%)
Item Use Coordinates (0%)
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