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Originally Posted by Derozio View Post
@Gav: Aye, Aye, Captain! Made one. Though idk what to say about it..

Yeah dude, this is looking like a style you could easily run with. However there are a few concerns of mine on the focal. The face is a little too red, I think you should be careful on the selective colour. However if all you wanted to be more red was the t-shirt for example what you could have done was simply cut out and pasted the general head and neck area and pasted it above where you put the red selective colouring. Or cut out the t-shirt and pasted it above the focal in the correct place, used a selective colour layer as a clipping mask on the red t-shirt. This would avoid any unwanted discolourations. I think a few bokeh textures would have been nice here. I can see it a little bit here and there. At any rate, keep working with this style dude, don't be afraid to use C4D's either.
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