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There's something about your newest tag which really does irk me. Props for going the RL stock/render route, since it's harder than anime tags to grasp, but it does seem like you're trying to stay with your anime style, which you've been using all this time, and incorprate it into your RL stock style. It's confusing to explain what it is, but it's not my favourite piece of work. Your backgrounds and blurring techniques are still impeccable as always, and I like how you've gona minimalist with the effects, which is really nice to see. As Gav said, the focal's face does look a little on the red side, and in retrospect, it's not too appealing. you've tried to go with some blues in the vertical lighting and it clashes with the reds, so maybe brighten the skin tone a bit, and it should look nice. Overall, it's a very nice piece for a RL stock.
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