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    My Pokemon Ranch: The Underdogs [Rated T]
    ~Meet the senior class of Richmount Academy…

    Who, despite the academy’s name, aren’t that rich. Most of them have lost everything but their Pokemon: no family to go home to over the summer, not even a house to return to, and definitely not money. Richmount offers education to those who’ve lost pretty much everything. They take the kids in, teach them, prepare them, and then ship them out into the world. The academy has raised some of the most famous people in the Pokemon world: Valerie Winters, winner of the 2014 Grand Festival in Kanto; Samuel Vaun, who has beaten the Elite Four in both Johto and Sinnoh; and Carlton Olett, the founder ofUnova’s very own ‘Trubbish Support Group’. The staff at Richmount works hard to educate their students, not only on academics, but life skills as well. But don’t worry: this isn’t another one of those Pokemon School RP’s. That’s only the beginning…

    So, what about us?~

    Graduation: every school kid’s greatest dream, right? Not…exactly. For several individuals(obviously the RP’ers), it’s out of Richmount, and straight to the ranch! With every graduating class, there’s always a few who, for some reason or another, just don’t quite make the cut. Maybe your grades weren’t up to par? Or did YOU set off that stink bomb in the men’s bathroom? These kids are sent to Sunnyside Ranch. Or, in other words, summer school. Training at Sunnyside includes working around the farm with the Pokemon, as well as performing odd jobs in nearby towns for the Ranch Leader. With so much going on, this summer is sure to be lots of work! Oh, sorry. I meant fun!

    ~But, where in the PokeWorld are we?

    Like many things for these students, the setting is also new. They will be headed to the tiny trio of islands known as the Tripon region. The land is located quite a ways away from the other regions, southwest from the Kanto-Johto block, and also far from Richmount. The Ranch occupies a good part of central Midpon – the biggest island of the three. The weather here is tropical, and perfect for the growth of both plants, and Pokemon. Along with the discovery of this region, the Pokemon world has changed quite a bit. The year is 2020: the stakes of battles have been higher than ever, a mysterious substance has taken control of the world’s economy, and a certain profession has taken a shocking leap forward. Of course, this graduating class has seen it all, growing up with these changes. But how will it affect life on the ranch? We’ll be sure to find out!

    Concerning said changes…~

    The PokeWorld of today is different from than a decade ago. Trainers have been fighting harder than ever, and with the election of a new president of the lands (the mysterious C. Halliden, Pokemon battling extraordinaire) a new type of battling has risen: a fight to the death called ‘Doming’. Trainers these days believe that picking the right Pokemon is everything, and will stop at nothing to get the perfectly bred Pokemon. Another popular trend these days is the use of Silver, a mysterious, dreamy substance found deep in the ground – that boosts the performance of Pokemon in battle. The search for Silver is almost never-ending, and Pokemon Ranches are benefitting a lot more now that the demand for perfect Pokemon is extreme. But some people can’t help but wonder: is the use of this drug, especially for possibly KILLING Pokemon, right?

    Okay, so what exactly is this all about again?~

    In short, the RP’ers have, for some reason, not been able to graduate this year. Instead, they must spend the summer at Sunnyside Ranch in the Tripon region. With quite a bit of land to just themselves and the Ranch Master, it’s sure to be the ‘summer of their lives’. There will be work do to and challenges to overcome. And of course, you’ll get to know your ranch-mates. It wil be a summer of new friends and new experiences, feuds and romance, and tons of adventures. But be careful: life on the ranch isn’t always what it seems!

    ~And now…for the boring stuff.


    1) Of course, all of the PC rules and Roleplay Section rules apply!

    2) This is rated T, but as of right now, it’s entirely up to you what you want to do with the rating. This leaves room for mild romance and violence and stuff, although it isn’t EXPECTED of you to fill the rating.

    3) I will not be RP’ing as a main character, but I will guide you through in some way or another. This will be kind of a cross between a chapter RP and freeform, with specific objectives at some points. But there will also be more free things as you explore the full area of the ranch.

    4) Another main concept of the farm is Pokemon breeding. You will be able to befriend, hatch, and raise Pokemon to assist you in this RP. However, I will be the overall judge on what Pokemon you can obtain or not. Obviously, legendaries won’t be found on the ranch, but things like first form Pokemon will be okay. Just as long as it makes sense!

    5) Of course, no bunnying, godmodding, and all that good…er, bad, stuff.

    6) Please please PLEASE be active. At least TRY to post every few days. This RP will be heavily dependent on the way you guys interact, and if somebody is gone, it could hold everything up. If you’re going to be away for whatever reason, please let me (or at least another RP’er) know so that we can figure something out.

    7) You may reserve a spot if you'd like.

    8) I know this can all be a little (or a lot) confusing, but I can promise you it will all make sense in due time. I have twists planned for the RP, and everything kind of fits in my mind, even though I’m not the best at explaining all of it. If you need anything or have any questions, please don’t be afraid to ask!

    9) Grammar and spelling are a must. A few thing shere and there are fine, but if your posts are full of mistakes, I have the right to ask you to fix them. This goes for other things to: if I accepted you into the RP, I have the right to, uh, UNaccept you. I am the Game Master, after all!

    10) And of course, have fun! That’s what all RP’ing is about, right?


    Name: (First and last, at least, as well as any nicknames)

    Gender: (._. No-brainer)

    Age: (You’re graduating, so unless you’re really smart or got hold back a ton, you should be around 17 or 18. I guess if you did something REALLY bad before it was time to graduate, and they didn't want you to stay at the school over the summer, then they could have sent you here at a younger age.)

    Appearance: (Just how your character looks. Both body-wise, and clothing. One or two paragraphs, please.)

    Personality: (How your character acts. This can include things they’re good at, as well as fears. Again, one or two paragraphs.)

    History: (At least two paragraphs, which shouldn’t be hard. Why they attended Richmount, and what they did to not graduate. What happened to their family? Feel free to be as tragic as you like (well, I guess not TOO bad). After all, you are homeless!)

    Main Goal/Interest: (Trainer? Coordinator? Breeder? What is your character’s main goal in life? Feel free to be creative here as well. The Pokeworld could use some top-notch jugglers…or…something!)

    Egg Number: (Oh right, I probably should have mentioned that upon arrival, the RP’ers will be given their very own Pokemon egg! Please put a number from zero to sixteen here, and make sure it doesn’t match another players! Don’t worry, you’ll be able to choose which Pokemon you get. The egg will it.! :D)

    Other: (Just anything else you’d like to add that doesn’t fit the above categories. This is optional.)

    RP Sample: (A sample of your previous roleplay work. Please put in a spoiler tag, please.)

    And last but not least, the oh-so-fabulous RP'ers!

    Eggs left*:
    None at the moment!

    Eggs taken*:
    0 [A shiny purple color] - Taken by NPC as Cynthia Olett
    1 [A shiny light green color] - Taken by NPC as Cameron Freer
    2 [A shiny orange color] - Taken by Arcaray as Jaclyn (Jae) Witton
    3 [A shiny red color] - Taken by Fearless Love as Cheyenne Sharp!
    4 [A shiny tan color] - Taken by NPC as Richard Derringer
    5 [A shiny indigo color] - Taken by Kiyoshi the Polar Bear as Valentine Curamos!
    7 [A shiny blue-grey color] - Taken by NPC as Lucy Beaumonte
    8 [A shiny grey color] - Taken by NPC as Damian Stillman
    9 [A shiny misty-grey color] - Taken by NPC as Diana Heart
    10 [A shiny dark-green color] - Taken by Snow Phoenix as Joshua Fikes!
    11 [ A shiny black color] - Taken by XxSweetDreamsxX as Alice Stone!
    12 [A shiny brown color] - Taken by miley810 as Adriene Casscade!
    13 [A shiny blue color] - Reserved for KoboraX!
    14 [ A shiny pink color] - Taken by NPC as Sylvia Moore
    15 [A shiny yellow color] - Taken by NPC as Dominic Vulcannon
    16 [A shiny light blue color] - Taken by DarkAngel91 as Jewel Starr!

    * - the descriptions beside the eggs describe the egg's looks, not the looks of the Pokemon in the egg

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