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Ughh, sorry for the late replies, everyone. Been busy with life.
Originally Posted by Ettadara View Post
I want to play this, but when I try and patch it to the ROM, A.ptch says it's not a valid file. What am I doing wrong?

*EDIT* Scratch that - just tried it on an new ROM, worked.
All right, nice to see you were able to play!
Originally Posted by Nintendork15 View Post
Just played the new release :D (well not new now it's out for a while)
I enjoyed it. But i preferred the FR/LG tiles to these ones.
Everyone has their own preferences, and yes, the FR/LG tiles are good too. This hack has already gone too far with this tileset, though, so I'm not going to change it.
Originally Posted by Ettadara View Post
Alright - I've got a problem.

So I'm in Vorril Forest, training my team:
-Akakios (Mikachu) lv24
- Icarus (Nidorino) lv21
- Zero (Shiny Marill) lv16
- Novabell (Ledyba) lv20

But, I'm training because I want Nova, my Ledyba, to evolve.
My problem is that Ledyba evolves at level 18. Each time I level Nova up, the animation starts, then stops practically the moment Nova's sprite turns white. The text I get after this is '...?'
I've tryed to evolve him three times (is why he's level 20) and I've received this failed evolution three times - is this due to something you're doing in the coding of the game, or a glitch?

I wanna point out that Icarus (my Nidorino) evolved fine, so if it's a script glitch, it's like to be within Ledyba itself.
Originally Posted by JP317 View Post
To me (and I'm no expert) it sounds like a problem caused by not having a National Pokedex, it will cause and poke that isn't in the Fire Red dex to not evolve. But like I said I'm no expert and I haven't started this hack yet, I was just about to hence why I'm checking the thread.
Yeah, it's something I forgot to include... Once I also fix the below error and reupload the new Shining Opal, it should be fixed.
Originally Posted by cazzler View Post
''Urrrgh. I knew I forgot something.
My trainer/wild Pokémon/stats guy was supposed to fix all of this, but I completely forgot to hand the ROM over to him. I'll give it to him in a bit, and then upload the new version soon. Expect for your complaints to be addressed shortly!''

Well that explains alot haha, well hope he fixes it soon, it was a good game.
Well, turns out that it's summer now, and he decided to be all vague and told me to do it myself... I'll try to get it done sometime before the end of summer, possibly on my trip to PA. (riding alone on an airplane, holy crap!)
Originally Posted by axelrulezyeah View Post
Hey, good to see that the hack is going nicely, and that you're still using some of my sprites( at least one for sure). It would be cool if you had any other things that need to be done, spriting wise that is, so just let me know if you do.
I forgot if I asked you for something, but I have a few things in mind for you.
Originally Posted by blase005 View Post
I really like this hack. I recently caught a Nidoran (M) LVL 17 and im gonna evolve it when i finished typing here. The graphics are great, the towns are nice, the wild pokemon you get in the routes... some are nice and some are quite weird (i caught a Pineco without using headbutt on a tree?) but still quite awesome. Im really looking forward to this hack and once i find out the problem with my recorder i will Let's Play it! Keep up the awesome work! Because you ARE awesome Diego!
Thanks for the post. I'm glad you liked it!
Some things are still strange because I'm not putting in as much effort into this hack as I'd like, instead focusing my efforts on CrystalDust. I'll try to fix some things, but I can only fix what you guys tell me about.
Originally Posted by Opalescent View Post
I've been giving this hack a go and I'm really enjoying it. I love the fakemon, so much so that I use them exclusively! The first gym was easy until I reached the gym leader, who was surprisingly strong! Should I raise the levels of the trainers, or lower the levels of the gym leader?

You may want to update the main page, the game looks much better in the version I played! Yeah, it's on my long list of things to do for my website..

My one complaint is the poor quality of some of the sprites but thats a tiny quibble. Keep making this, please! They're still pretty decent compared to when I try spriting... Yech. And don't worry, I will finish this. Someday...
Responses above in bold.

All right, so I have a very important question to ask:
Should Mikachu's name be changed, and if so, to what?
The only reason Mikachu was chosen was because of other hacks having Pikamew and Mewkachu and whatnot, and I wanted to be (somewhat) original... But those hacks are dead now, so I might be willing to change the name if someone can make a good one.

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