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Wallace Briggs
Raikou Dorm
At first look he looks like someone who has been working all his life, which is the case. With shaggy brown hair, similar to a mop, stuck to his face. Peach fuzz, he rarely shaved but he decided to if he wanted a job. A ragged, brown shirt that was neatly tucked beneath his beyond faded brown shorts. His eyes, like the rest of him, were brown, it's almost eerie has brown reflects him. Good ole working boots support his feet, nothing could stop him from walking town to town with these bad boys. Weighing about 180, with his 5'9 structure, his arms were notably his best feature.
Appearance if put in with a certain cliche he would look like a farm boy who spent his entire life in the field which is what Wallace did.
Upon first look, glance, or even gaze, Wallace looks like a brute, someone who should be chopping wood or building houses. Despite his outer strength Wallace isn't too emotionally stable he tends to willow in self-pity. He often plays the "blame game", it's his fault his family isn't "rich" enough. Nothing is ever good enough for Wallace, this tends to anger him and causes temper-tantrums. Even though he is the age of fourteen, since he didn't have a childhood like most kids he unfortunately still acts like one.
Wallace tries to be the best trainer he can be after all he has a lot of potential but just doesn't know how to use it.

Wallace isn't very good with people as he never had to be around them for long periods of time. This doesn't mean he can't handle them it just that he prefers to observe them and get to know them from afar. Wallace isn't known for his conversation skills because he severely lacks them but that won't stop him from entering a conversation. Due to lack of skills he doesn't really know that someone shouldn't just enter a conversation any time they want. As his Pokemon have been his only companions for the past years he just doesn't want any harm to come to them. He doesn't do a lot of battling for this reason which is why his Pokemon lack real experience in battling and don't listen to him. Wallace is nervous that all the Trainers at The Academy will be better than him in everything.
Fresh out of a job, it was time to start scouring the cities for a new one, having to support the family somehow. That's all Wallace did was work, nothing was ever about his enjoyment. He had a family to support, a brother, a sister, a mother and a father, after all he was the eldest. His father was a wayward old man who couldn't even tend to the easiest of chores. He wanted to let his brother have a childhood, enjoy himself why he still could, the same for his sister.

Wallace tried city after city, Celadon, no work, Cerulean, no work, perhaps Saffron had some odd-end jobs. Maybe, just maybe, Wallace thought he should skip Saffron it felt too eerie to him. Fortunately, he remembered his needy family and how much they relied on him. Entering Saffron wasn't hard, asking around for an outsider was, he wasn't even familiar with this town enough. A arrogant, stern young man came up to him, perhaps the security of this town? Anyway, he stared at Wallace and declared that he would be going on a search party, what? Puzzled, the officer clued him in on what happened, Wallace couldn't go, he had family. Technically, this was work, wasn't it? Wallace made up his made, he would go search whatever happened, by now the details were all fuzzy anyhow. Finally some enjoyment for Wallace, that's all he ever wanted.
He had some fun there but his parents wanted him to become a true Pokemon Trainer instead of working all the time. The only way to shape him up to be one is to send him to The Academy.

If Wallace was to go to The Academy he would need himself some partners to go with him there and he would need to train them as well. Wallace went out got his Pokemon the only way he knew how, work. He worked for the Day-care center and they rewarded him with three precious eggs. A problem arose when Wallace acquired his partners he didn't want them to be hurt in battle. He withdrew from the Trainer world completely and just kept to himself. He did spend this time wisely by just training one-on-one with his Pokemon to teach them even more powerful moves then they had already had. He taught them how to battle together the only downside is that they've never actually gotten a chance to use it.

Floating Pokemon/Frillish
-Personality: Taiga is relaxed, mellow and kind of a "teacher's pet" Pokemon which probably makes her the favored one. She is always willing to listen to Wall even if that puts her in danger just for some brownie points. Not only is she the TP to Wall but to Lome as well going along with the various schemes she has cooked up. Taiga and Yana don't get along very well because they are complete opposite. Of course this is outside of battle in battle they are very synchronized if it happens to be a double, triple battle even.

- Absorb
- Night Shade
- Bubblebeam
- Recover
- Shadow Ball
- Will-o-wisp


Diapered Pokemon/Vullaby
-Personality: Lome is completely dismissive of Wall and any authority he seems to have over her. She thinks that she is Queen Bee and people and Pokemon alike should be honored to be in her presence. Lome has a bit of an attitude problem which causes a lot of fights between Yana and herself. She would be consider the leade-dictator of of the trio that gives her "authority" over the other two. Despite her dismissive attitude towards Wall in general she does well in battle when she listens to him.

-Lv.: 13
- Fury Attack
- Pluck
- Mean Look
- Toxic
- Aerial Ace
- Protect


Bounce Pokemon/Spoink
-Personality: Despite her being the "Bounce" Pokemon she isn't very "bouncy" instead Yana is more calm and collective. Despite Wall's commands Yana takes it upon herself to see what attack seems best and uses it. Being the intellect upon the three Pokemon Yana respect her Trainer but respects her health even more which is why she disobeys some of the time. Even though Yana isn't the "leader" of the three Pokemon she sure doesn't take any of Lome's attitude when she dishes it out. Yana hates being in her Pokeball and she's never caught in it unless necessary like non-interactive class time.

-Lv.: 14
- Psybeam
- Shock Wave
- Icy Wind
- Thunder Wave
- Psychic
- Rain Dance

Credit: インフェルノの津波

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